Thursday, April 30, 2009

dusty,rusty,crusty old blog

oh my gawd! hello peeps! damn how i miss this blog here! i admit that i haven't been updating much so i shall do it now.(that's what you get for being greedy enough to keep 4 blogs at a time,lol!).well as i said before,my hectic life stops me from writing start off,this year had been a totally crazy,depressing and jubilant year for me.all year i have been thrown up high in the deep blue sky and thrown down so hard that i think i tend to shed my tears more than oh my,wanna know why?
1.most of my besties have gone to chase their dreams,notthat i'm stopping them,but it's a big loss to me that msot of them left.
2.i feel a big gap growing between my remaining besties despite the fact that we depend on eachother at all's not them to be blamed,it's just me..
3.i fell in love again! it's a big mistake,and i was bold enough to confess and get rejected in a good way.however,the injury cuts deeper when things start to show light of hope,a totally stupid one.
4.i'm so tensed up that we lst to convent JB once more! come on,convent muar choir isnt really that bad.
5.i'm so tensed because of all the subjects i have to put extra effort on.goddammit..

-well that's bout it,till then.i'm gonna sink deeper into depression now,sigh..i'm pathetic,really.why bother..