Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Back!

haha..just because i love this blog so much! my new blog will stay but i had to change the layout,and plus,i have more subscribers for this blog rather than the new one,so let me satisfy my followers here first before i move on.the first week of school was ok,everyone's being nice to me and things went well until the textbook issue came up.the teacher wanted to delay my receiving of the textbooks(since it's compulsory to borrow from the new school).there was a major miscommunication between my old and new school,i ended up arguing with the SPBT teacher and eventually buying my own textbooks! probably the teacher was a little stunned,she immediately gave us the textbooks much much earlier than planned.oh cool..JUST told me AFTER i bought them,smooth move really.maybe she was afraid i might report her to the authorities for denying my rights as a student! what i'm mostly mad of in this issue is the fact that she doesn't consider me as a new student at all! i felt a little rejected but it got away knowing that my new friends are there to support me,or rather,accept me as a part of their gang.that's good enough.i can't expect much of this new life of mine.i guess that's about it.not much to talk about,simply because my life here is near to perfect,except for my resolutions of course.that's all for now.hope to see all of you soon,.

missing you