Sunday, June 6, 2010


no,i'm not here to talk about a matter of fact,i'm still gonna talk about love but a different kind of love.a love that exists between three peas in a pod.

you readers who befriend me on facebook,i'm more than sure that all of you know who the three of us are? my two close friends,jasper and jasper's case,i guess we're close both in the real world and on the internet.we pretty much spend most of our time for andy,he sort of came out of nowhere.we became close due to social networking,and the three of us became an item ever since that very day.the amazing chemistry we have is unbelievable by those who witness our antics online.
it's a major surprise since in real life,i'm not that close to andy.

today,andy revealed his biggest secret to us,the one that cuts him breaks our heart to know that he had been keeping this from everyone including those who are close to him in person.if only we could help..but i'm just glad to know jasper and i managed to cheer him up for even a little while :)

i love you guys! i hope we'll all remain best friends forever..