Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good Gone Girl Turns 17!!


hellooooooo all! as you may or may not know,today i'm turning 17 years old! by far,my birthday has been a birthday eve was spent getting eating shrimp pizza with my mom and sis and getting squashed in between a wild a crowd at the Kau Dan Aku Mini Showcase at Plaza Alam Sentral Shah Alam be perfectly frank,the show sucked.there were too much talking,useless games and uncivilized people among the crowd.nevertheless,i had fun watching the performances and during the meet and greet as well.the crowd was pushing each other so much so that i felt like giving up,but thanks to my strong will i managed to get up on stage for the autograph session.we were forbidden from taking photos with the celebrity but well,me being myself,i did it anyway,with the help of noni.yay noni!

aril was awesome and superfriendly! i decided to buy him and akim a heart-shaped lollipop each from chocolate circles.akim seems to enjoy the lollipop a lot,what a manchild! XDD he had that lollipop in his mouth even during an interview!

it was fun meeting my pet sis,ate sher,as's been years since we've known's good to finally meet her,eventhough just for a while.

as for the night,my phone inbox,my facebook wall,my twitter are all flooded with birthday was very overwhelming to know the amount of love i get from so many people around me.they're like family to me eventhough none of us are's fun,to say the very least.i can't thank them all here but i'll try to thank them according to categories:

special thanks to my family,biological or adopted, for all the love that molded me into what i am today,and everything that all of you have done for me,all the sacrifice this whole 17 years,thank you.

to my muarian besties,thanks for still remembering my proves a lot of things but the most obvious one is of course,how true and pure our friendship trully is.thank you.

to my facebook/myspace sisters and brothers,thanks for being there for me.we're tight as heck despite knowing eachother less than a decade ago.thanks for sticking by me and willing to listen to me when i whine.thanks for laughing with me as well.

to fellow MFC-ers,either you're from the MJ thread or chicken fm,thanks for making me smile.thanks for sharing my fangirl-ness and obsession towards mika! haha.and thanks for being there when no one else did.

to my damansarian besties,we have not known each other for long but i do hope our friendship will be eternal.may we have a colourful friendship ahead of us.

those were my expression of gratitude to everyone,how about my wish?birthday wishes are cliche' aren't they?if i were to make a general one,i'd say i want success in life both in the present world and hereafter.if i were to specify:

1.outstanding results in my spm. reach my goal of being a software engineer and part-time musician.
3.a boyfriend,hahah.honestly..
4.loyalty and trust from everyone i know.
5.MJ's this is it DVD. :P
6.a guitar tuner
7.a metronome for tempo improvement.
8.Mika's limited edition coke bottle from france :P
9.Mika's Parc Des Princes DVD :P
10.Mika's Blame It On The Girls Single :P

i guess that's about i can do homework in peace knowing that i've finally finished a review of my 17th birthday.i'll see ya guys later!

this is my song for the special day,why?because it seems so biographical to me XD:

i am golden!!

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