Saturday, September 5, 2009

Farewell Peter Pan

he was the boy who ruled the kingdom of Neverland.he was the boy who led the Lost Boys.he was the boy who made flying possible for absolutely anyone.he was...the boy who never grew up.

sadly,today,after months of waiting,he is finally put to rest.he finally boards the voyage heading to the moon,that will be taking him to his real home.

when he left,the whole world cried tears of sorrow,depression and some even regret.when he left,my childhood left with him,and they disappeared into thin air leaving me with nothing.i feel empty inside,lifeless,dull and no longer exuberant as i used to's as if a part of me had's devastating and my heart aches for months now.unintendedly,my tears will flow on their own whenever i'm alone randomly thinking about it.i know i shouldn't grief for too long,but if only you knew how much he meant to me and the rest of the world who felt the same way as i do.i am glad he's in a better place now,where no one can hurt a pure,innocent soul such as his.his 'shell' may be gone,but i know,he's here,roaming the earth,looking over us like how he used to do when he was still with us.may you rest in peace,Peter free,fly high! i know that's what you've always wanted to do,now go! we'll be watching,may we meet again someday.farewell peter my love,thank you for the wonderful childhood you gave me despite the fact that yours is almost non-existent.i hope you no longer bear any worries.we will continue what you have started for it is the only way to keep you alive for all eternity.

here's a little something i'd whisper in your ears if i had the chance to:

Your Legacy..
Your presence still I can feel,though we're far apart
Between the skies and the fields
Your melodies fillthe winds with a thousand joys
Walking us to the moon
Like dew at noon,you are gone too soon
Leaving the world to heal on its own
You have our word,no doubts,don't you worry
We'll always be there,you're never alone
You rock our world,this I'm telling you
You brought us love and all things new
You told us we are the world,we are the children
We unite as one,lifting eachother's burdens
You may be gone from our very eyes,
But your legacy lives on and never dies..

among the Neverland children.

p/s:wonder if i can cope up with community service tomorrow,with all these depression in my chest.