Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Epilogue of An Era,An Analogue to Another

the self-explanatory title is a little quote that's been toying around in my mind,waiting to be unleashed among my literary masterpieces.high school years may have ended,but it marks the beginning of my college era.needless to say the cliche' outing agendas are actually essential in celebrating festivities such as was supposed to be mine and as usual,the plan initiated with only Hanizar and I going out,the rest of the gang started to eventually tag along,making 13 of us instead of just two.seriously,that's how plans always end up anyway,not that it's a bad thing.we had loads of fun.the movie was SUCKer the name implies,it sucked.the only plus points about the movies were the CGI effects and cinematography.the plot was lame and even the casts were boring me to death.nevertheless,what mattered most was the knowledge of being with's my last outing before i transform into a college student :) 

the last supper?

you can never be too old for Pikachu ;)

this is us :) not only KD10-ians,but also
the MRSM-ians.

this little gathering succeeded in making me forget that little 'incident' on Tuesday night.thanks meant a lot to me although most of you are still clueless about my admission into Taylor's's a little chronology to clarify:

Tuesday (29th March) - the end of a kick-ass telenovela.the day our hero was made to take a bow. 
Wednesday (30th March) - the farewell outing
Thursday (31st March) and Friday (1st April) - first two days day in college,the boring orientation.

as what most new college students would do,here's a little "all-things first"

1.first day outfit. 

2.first lunch in Old Town Kopitiam,Taylor's U 

3.first library moment. 

4. first lunch alone in @Subway,Taylor's U .only because i missed Fasha,lol. 

5.first lunch with new friends. 

6.first campus impression :)

the first year experience program thingy doesn't seem to be working.tomorrow my classes will commence for real.i hope it goes's a Monday and the first lesson is history for three hours,yawnn.. crossing my fingers,may the lecturer be interesting and happy-go-lucky.

welcome to college life to me,i the rest of you,good luck!