Friday, April 8, 2011

S.H.I.T = Sorry Honey,It's Thursday

i was supposed to blog about this yesterday,but the whole waiting thing tired me out and I ended up forgetting  about yeah,I passed after the second attempt,only because the JPJ officer's nice enough to instruct me what to do next and I got the same type of car i practiced was all luck.the rain came pouring down,maybe that was the cause of the lenience in the officer's judgement.major relief to be honest,i doubt i have any more time for this.i don't have the official license yet though,will only get it next was worth having to skip my lectures,but then again the lecturers decided to 'bestow tremendous workload upon us in my absence'.thank you,i am honored -_-" 2 presentations and tonnes of assignments to complete.i'm sensing a long weekend for me.on top of that,i have resumes to do.JOY!

OTOH,i don't know if i should blog about this.if any of my coursemates find out whom I'm talking about,i'm a goner.let's keep it down low and not let anyone in on the clues there is this particular guy who's been following me around almost all day except during lunch,maybe to avoid being too obvious that he was stalking first i thought everything's just a coincidence and that i'm imagining things.breakup-lag,as i would call it.i've gotten all paranoid since the not-so-interesting true love tale.i take all the guys the same way,friends when they are fun,and foes when they start to raise the relationship bar.seriously,i'm a fun loving character and the last thing i need is more people to ruin i was saying,this guy didn't seem so suspicious at first.he was indeed trying hard to talk to me on the first day of orientation,but i didn't take it started to get weird when he suddenly attempted to ask for my FB when we were both alone in an elevator after class,although none of us have ever spoken to each other before.he failed,since i reached the floor i wanted to go to and got out.i somehow came home adding up all my coursemates at random.the next day,he got excited that i found him.really strange.he also makes it a point to smile and wave at me every time i enter the class and head towards my seat.did i also mention that he's always looking for seats nearby mine?

how will you take this if you were me,will you freak out or will you love the feeling of being stalked?

i have my eyes on him,not because i'm interested,but i need to justify that this is just my imagination.