Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview with Alex Luthor?

upon reading the title,you must be thinking "Leanna Scarlet has gone nuts" or "Leanna Scarlet is finally facing her fears and talking to him".sorry to burst your bubbles but i wasn't the one who did the's a friend of mine,a BFF as a matter of fact,who was daring enough to do did she do it?it was a normal conversation,she talked casually to him and has gotten a LOT of information.little did Alexander Luthor know that she had her phone on voice recorder mode and made it look like she was sending text messages to someone.during the brief 2-part clip,she managed to reveal the other side of Alex Luthor,the one that Lana might or might never see, has definitely changed her perception about Alex.due to copyright restrictions (not really.i didn't want it to be that obvious) the conversation shall remain private and's getting clear to me that it's a one-sided feeling and i shouldn't take it's the fun of it that matters,the thrill of revealing clue by clue,only to discover that in the end,it doesn't matter.i guess that's what puppy love is all spices up your life.nothing more,nothing's just a crush,nothing more.

that's all for now. hehe.

much love,gotta get back to my homework now.toodles.