Friday, June 26, 2009

a star

Moonwalk Lives On

the philosophy is proven after WILL value something the most when it's gone.

i can't believe it.i am totally speechless.

can you ever imagine a world without the likes of an awkwardly yet astounding,bright-shining star?

yes,starlights will never dim.same goes to the late superstar,Michael Jackson or Mikaeel Abdullah.

i grew up listening to his music,watching him dance and stun the crowds of millions.there were even overly-obsessed fangirls going after him during his shows.

thanks to him,i am what i am now,a fighter,who appreciates music,who thinks music is the most influencial propaganda in spreading a certain cause.

Allahyarham Mikaeel had inspired so many with all the causes he had highlighted in his songs.'Black Or White' showed that humans are humans regardless of race.'Heal the World' is a cause to rescue to the world from getting destroyed any further.

Also,who can forget his lovable songs in his Jackson 5 days.'Ben',about his pet,stolen the hearts of millions,not to mention his sweet voice.

Needless to say,his passing is certainly a great loss.However,his songs,his moves and grooves,his causes,and everything he had done to put that smile on our faces,will live on forever.

Rest in peace,brother.May Allah bless your soul.

in the state of shock and devastation.