Sunday, June 20, 2010

Piece of Joy

i hate bringing up the issue of 'why does he/she have this/that and i don't?' who fucking cares,i'm happy with my life right now and i can't thank God enough for what He gave me in return of my losses.this is what made me all a flutter in the stomach :")

what more do i want? :) and sorry for the censors,i'm not ready to reveal whom he is yet,let the ones who are close to me know first.

and i don't get why they're too excited about him approving my friend request -.- it's a FRIEND REQUEST not a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL.makes a big difference,lol.

i miss you less now,Marlon,knowing that tomorrow is the supposedly mundane Monday.on the brightside,i know i'm gonna have a swell of a day,being able to see you from where i sit.
i can't wait for thursday to come.i wonder what other surprises has God have in store for me.

and yes! i changed the blog song again! now it's still another one of Jennifer Chung's songs,but this time it's in a more cheerful's called "I Don't Know,Let's Sing".the lyrics somehow narrate the story of my life,ever since i met 'you' :)

here are the lyrics:

Verse 1:]
Hi! It's very, very nice to meet shoe
I mean, very nice to meet you!
Have we met before
`cuz I recall your presence in my dreams!

You say you heard a lot about me
so what is it you know exactly?
That I'm meant for you
and you were perfectly made just for me!

Looks like we get along just fine!
So why don't we just take our time
`Cuz we have that and more
and we don't know what God has in store

La la la you make me sing!
La la la you make me sing!
The oohs the ahhs the rifts everything
La la la it's so crazy!
La la la that you're here with me
And I hope that this story of ours ends happily!

[Verse 2:]
Here, it's my cellular phone number
`cuz this girl's hoping that you'll call her!
And we'll go on a date but we won't stay out late unless...

We get into deep conversation
about life and stuff like past relations
And then hours will pass and we'll work on making things last


[Verse 3:]
I don't know why we met so late
I don't know if we met too soon
I don't know!
But I know that you are here

I don't know if we're meant to be
I don't know, we'll just have to see
I don't know!
But I know, that you make me sing!


And if you do then won't you sing this song
With me?

Toy Story 3

"move over children! i've waited 11 years for Toy Story 3!!" LMAO ...indeed,unlike any other sequels,Toy Story 3 takes more than a decade to surface despite the hints that Pixar had subliminally put into their non-Toy Story products like Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.compared to the first ever Toy Story movie,this third movie is more of a journey of emotions.

let's recap:
-in Toy Story,Buzz Lightyear appeared and stole the limelight from Woody,Andy's first favourite toy.out of envy,Woody accidentally pushed Buzz out the window.Woody has to rescue Buzz from being destroyed by the next-door toy torturer,Sid.Worst still,they have to survive being at Sid's house and make it out in time before Andy moves out so that they won't be left behind.

-in Toy Story 2,Woody is accidentally sold off to a psychotic toy collector during Andy's garage sale.he met new Jessie,Bullseye the horse and Stinky Pete.Buzz and a few other toys made a rescue plan to retrieve Woody.the situation got stickier with Stinky Pete,who prefers to be in the collector's arsenal,in the way.

-in Toy Story 3,andy has grown out of his toys and he has to make one of the toughest life decisions,whether or not he would keep them.

i won't elaborate on the ending,simply because i'll become a spoiler for doing so,haha.all i can say is,watching it will make you laugh,jump and cry.

overall,5 stars that's all i'm saying! by far,the most magnificent movies i've ever seen in my entire life!

feliz dia de los padres

Happy Father's Day to all the dads in the world especially to my dad,Allahyarham Hj Azlee bin Mansor.i'm sure you're having a lot of fun in Heaven,may God bless your have my love,eternally.thanks for bringing me into this world,thanks for being patient with me for 16 years,and thanks for all the things you have done.have a nice afterlife.i shall join you someday,may we meet again on the other side.

Not to forget,to my foster dad Hj Hamidon who is still with me,thanks for being there for my family when we're in need.

Also,Happy Father's Day to the fathers who have followed my dad's footsteps by making an abrupt escape to Heaven,Uncle Yusof and Uncle Seng know you both will always be remembered.RIP,may God bless your souls.

to my dear readers,what are you planning to do for Father's Day?