Saturday, July 31, 2010

Too Close For Comfort?

yes i know it's not today's fortune cookie,but it makes perfect sense doesn't it?"To love is to forgive".the many times you've let me down,even though through minor things,breaks my heart bit by bit,the times when you should've been there for me,the times when you made me jealous,the times when you misled me,the times when...someone interrupts our priceless moments together.okay,it's not all your fault,it's mine.i don't have the guts to come clean with you.i act as if i don't need you in my life,as if you don't exist and sometimes i think i ignore you too much.mark this,i don't do it on's something that i think that i must do,in order to save ourselves from endless speculations.i don't know how you feel,and likewise.but what i do know is,this is all a major cover up,not a good one though.i'm guessing at least half of the form 5 students know about 'us'. US?? what US?? there's no 'us' here,it's just 'me' apparently.i'm sorry,i can't hold on to my feelings sometimes.i tend to blush in your presence,but talking to you gives me some sort of comfort,and seeing you talking to someone else makes me die a little inside.i tried not to show how jealous i am,but out of stupidity,i tried to counter that feeling by making you jealous in worked,and i was surprised.i'm sorry,that was childish of me.these emotions themselves are childish.i can't control them as they have minds of their very own.i'm sorry if i've been showing too much of my unstable mood to you.i just want you to know that i'm not ready to tell you the truth,about how i feel and what has our friendship revolved to since i met you and since i woke up from my major ignorance of your presence in my life.and that smile of reminded me of someone i used to be close to,someone i used to fall for and then someone whose friendship with me got destroyed because of sucks and i don't want history to repeat itself.i want you to know that your smile,every time we bump into each other in one way or another,will be sufficient to make my day.keep smiling,show the world your inner beauty :) if the world doesn't see it,let me be the only one who does.

"And everything I feel for you
I wrote down on one piece of paper
The one in your hand, you won't understand
How much it hurts to let you go.."
-Too Close For Comfort by Mcfly :')

anyway,yesterday we had this motivational programme,which wasn't really as motivational,doesn't live up to its name to be precise.nevertheless,the prayers did help us out a lot and some of the speakers succeeded in bringing us to spiritual heights.needless to say it was fun.i don't feel the need to write any more reviews on the program for these pictures would be enough.

*credits to cikgu raja rossul haila *

KD10 aura baby!

..and the group division begins...

my group at the gazebo,filling the self-motivation forms.

..and that's why they call me Poser-in-the-battlefield

brainstorming for our group work.

can you spot those who actually does the work? haha

like i said,never trust us XD

noobs..trying to make sense.

NOW it's saying something :D

the winning group's presentation..

Akif and Hazem trying to prove themselves worthy.

yes,this dude has issues.. LMAO.
which is why we took his picture.

congrats people!

"But if you turn your back on me now
When I need you most
But you chose to let me down, down, down
Wont you think about what you're about to do to me
And back down..." -
Too Close For Comfort by McFly ....again.