Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh the Irony!

focus on the background,and then us. :)

I have replaced Rebecca Black as a TT. weird but true!

i guess that's enough irony for one day.i have a few missions to fulfill.a few goals to achieve,and a whole lot of preparations to do for have yet to be applied,and i'm planning to apply for 'freedom from misery' as well.i can't take it anymore.i'm human and i need to be free sometimes,if anyone starts to change that,then he/she just doesn't deserve a special spot in my heart anymore,unless of course it's my mom.she has the rights to do anything to me as she desires.i am not arrogant and i haven't changed a bit since yesteryear and the day we met,i'm sure you haven't either but it's just that i was too blinded by my emotions to see that we can never fit together.we're not peas in a pod after all.

"Trying to fit a square into a circle was no lie.." Come Clean by Hilary Duff.

if i'm not what you wanted me to be,let's just end this.i can neither pretend nor fake my emotions's just no longer there.all my doors are closed and my guards have been raised.too many a time have i suffered because of the likes of you,i don't want history to repeat itself.your trying to mold me into something i'm not is definitely one of the hugest mistakes you've ever made.i'm not aren't you.i never expected you to transform into something in my accord.i have never pressured you in any way,except in ways that would benefit you in the long run.just a clarification,it has nothing to do with anyone's achievements,it's regarding attitudes and expectations.stepping down doesn't always mean we're heading for an apocalypse (even though we literally are),it only means that this is a lesson in life.we need to learn the hard way sometimes.this isn't an epilogue,it's a new chapter.we all gotta move on sometime in one way or another,it's all about 'now or never',never is just too torturous for my liking.i happen to have a life and a future to think of ahead of me,i can't let petty things such as this get in my way.and note that even without you realizing,you're actually holding me hostage in your little charade of lies.don't think i've never noticed.i'm not like everyone else,i'm limited edition.i have my very own likes and dislikes,no matter how uncommon they can be at times.

strange how people never really change.the only thing that changes is one's perception on another after knowing the latter's true colors.