Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya 2010 Chronicles Part 1

basically to say the very least,this year's raya isn't the same as before,simply because my number of family members had gone from 8 to 7 (you know why) and maybe because it's my first time spending raya in a suburban neighbourhood.the surroundings,the atmosphere,are all so much prominent in comparison to condo,in particular,was almost empty since all the employees had like a 7-day raya break from their jobs to spend their raya in their respective hometowns,some far some near enough for you to just have a 5-minute drive to and fro.those who stay thousands of miles away left their cars and went off by plane.

Raya's Eve:

nothing's better than spending the last day or Ramadhan by commemorating those who have left us to make a sudden stop to the afterlife.we recited the Yassin after Asar and waited for the Azan to break our fast.right after our meal,or shall I say appetizers,we performed out Maghrib prayers,continued with our dinner and then headed home to prepare for the 1st day of Syawal.

but before i update about the first day of raya,i need to show you guys this!

guess my niece is growing up faster than i think.i remember the time when my sister first told us that she was pregnant,how fast time flies.she could barely hold her own milk bottle and now she's handling a digicam at age 4 ;)

1st day of Raya:
woke up early to help mom with the last minute raya tasks.what is raya without ketupats galore on the table?

we then moved on to Uncle Fawziy's house where most of our Selangorian relatives would gather.say hello to the Gossip Committee:

while the aunts and uncles(including my mom) were having their little 'meeting' at the dinner table,the little 'rugrats' had a gathering of their very own too.

since my last trip,i noticed a couple of distinctive changes,or make-overs,to Uncle Fawziy's house.the most obvious one was indeed his ceiling:

doesn't it remind you of some sort of temple somewhere? LMAO.

also,he built a 'sanctuary' for himself just in case he wanted to seek some peace of mind whilst his grandchildren are all over.the most amazing part about this little escapade is of course the amenities:

see what i mean?? you have yet to see his very own minibar,TV set and's all to himself!

awww love brother din and his wife,kak As.
and of course,our usual family photo session with the cousins,never fail to amuse at all causes.

the day ended well until Along forced me into playing him a song on Siti's acoustic guitar,it was a bit tough since i'm used to my electric guitar.but in the end,they enjoyed the performance and gave me extra duit raya :p

2nd day of raya wasn't as exciting,but the 5th day of raya was sort of interesting.Amin or El Amino,as I nicknamed him,came over with his merry band of men,LOL.there were 7 of them,enough to create as much mayhem as my whole class would have been able to!

El Amino and AJ (me)

the best day of Syawal for me this year was of course,the 7th day of raya,that is,yesterday.(in today's case,it's the day before yesterday- am i making any sense at all? LOL).

to be continued....

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