Friday, November 16, 2012

How Many Centuries Have Passed...

... since this blog's updated?

I owe my readers,followers, and those people who discovered my blog in one way or another, a major apology for once again leaving this blog to the hands of spiders and dust bunnies. Degree has undeniably suck the very life out of my physical being, thereby depriving me of my time to blog and of course,spam this space xD I guess this explains the random quotes I've been throwing all over my Twitter huh?i can only stand being deprived of my blogging time for so long. So basically there has been a number of happenings in my life that i have not been updating about. Let's start with the oldest one,and then build up to the latest event shall we.

BRACE YOURSELF,this is bound to be an extremely long post,with extremely large amounts of pictures and captions!

  • Music Club's Divas vs Kings Concert. (20th April 2012)

This was my first ever event that I've organized as a new BOD alongside Jessie. Planning stage wasn't as intense as MJ Night considering that this event is less ambitious. Admission was free and the theme was pretty 'narrow'. The idea was to get our Elite members to expose themselves to songs performed by artists whom they consider as 'Kings or Divas'.Here's an interesting part, at the very last minute,we decided to give it a charity twist.Back then there was a devastating story about the late Alda Tan (an infamous independent bassist) who collapsed into a coma due to brain cancer. We decided to give him a helping hand by raising minor funds merely by placing two containers labelled 'Kings' and 'Divas' in the middle of the stage for attendees to donate. At the end of the show,we were to calculate which team, Kings or Divas, who contributed the most to the charity.We even got Adam Lobo from Dragon Red to come and give us a little speech regarding Alda's condition. Neo did an excellent job emceeing the entire show. The playlist and performers go as follow :

Sequence (No.)
Song List
Hush + I Will Survive mashup
Leanne Chuan, Maya Hanum
King 1
Diva 1
Hound Dog by Elvis Presley
Love On Top by Beyonce
Spellman Choy
Ron Hoe
King 2
Diva 2
Use Somebody by Kings of Leon
Without you
Dzaim Adzmi
Transition (Break)
I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You
Adam, Leanne
King 3
Diva 3
You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson
I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston
King 4
Diva 4
What’s Up
Lambert Medley
Ryham Haris
Jessie Lim
King 5
Diva 5
Yellow by Coldplay
Spellman Choy
Leanne Chuan
King 6
Diva 6
Home by Michael Buble
Against All Odds
King 7
Diva 7
The Way You Look Tonight
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Jason Phung
Maya Hanum
Transition (Break)
Greatest Love of All
Hui Ying, San San
King 8
Diva 8
Man In the Mirror by Michael Jackson
And I’m Telling You
Dzaim Adzmi
King 9
Diva 9
Don’t Look Back In Anger
Stand Up For Love
Ryham Haris
Park Jung A
Grand Finale
We Will Rock You
Elites All Star
As a last minute thing,I played guitar for Ryham as she sang 'What's Up' by 4 Non Blondes, a song I would have never thought I would ever perform. It went really well. Most of them,especially Ryham,Ruda,Jung-A,Maya & Ron totally brought the house down :D Not to mention Mahirah's surprise attendance ! My personal favorites of the night were of course Dzaim's 'Use Somebody' ( the crowd sang along with him,backing him up with the iconic "ohh woo-oh oh woo-oh", I think he cried at one point :') ), Sai's epic fail Man In The Mirror when he forgot how the song starts but managed to control the situation by making it a joke, Ron's adorable 'Love On Top' cacat dance HAHAHA, Ryham's slot with me (although she almost forgot the first line,but moi saved the day by playing an extra bar of progressions hehe), and also, the crowd's participation in We Will Rock You,rocking with us,drumming their seats and stomping their feet. It was just epic and all our effort paid off!

*p/s : please please please don't ever talk about my epic fail harmonization for Greatest Love of All, a guitarist should stay as one,and never ever ever ever sing.
  • Babo Violence, Lake Busking, & Avengers. (1st May)

So the boys in my class introduced me to this addictive game called Babo Violence,which is a basically a first person shooter game involving characters in the form of colorful balls (yes you read that correctly, BALLS) in obstacles built by players beforehand. It's a multiplayer game,so we had uber fun playing on LAN considering it was just the beginning of the semester, a dull Monday,per say. This was long before ground rules were set,disallowing games to be played in computer labs. That session was in the morning,in the evening,on the other hand,I had a little busking session by the lake with the usual Elite gang,singing random songs before having dinner and heading on to Sunway Pyramid to watch The Avengers.
  •  Best Assignment Ever (11th May)

Wanna know what's probably the most fun assignment we've ever done? The publicity stunt assignment for Communication for IT Professionals ! Our idea was to promote Sparta Energy drink! (in this sense,'we' refer to my group consisting me,Yen,Seelan,Shafeeq, Zul & Khanna). Apparently we had a slight crossover with another group consisting Jitki, Kai, Calvin, Chee Heng & Jacky (or as we like to call them, the Januarians, since they came from FIC January intake, technically our intake 'seniors', heh). They did 'Sparta Chicken' so we decided to collaborate. The idea was to ..'shove' our posters to the random people in SLC,asking for their feedback regarding the outlook of the posters we designed. Some of us went as far as bringing paintball war gears (the one everyone was oh-so-fond of messing with xD). 

p/s: Why wasn't I in the same group as Jitki? Back then we merely knew each other,and I only know him as 'that weird guy from FIC Jan,who introduced himself as JK but no one calls him that' lol. Little did I know,later on we'd grow so close within months,it scares us.
  • Calvin's Manson Makeup (15th May)

Someone went all out for his class project, Marilyn Manson makeover,need I say more? I'm missing this mofo already, he left for Adelaide :(
  • Random Friday (guitar hunting, mcd dinner,playground gossip - 19th May)
This was probably the first outing I've had with Jitki before we became best friends. He wanted to look for a guitar,knowing that I had somewhat of a wisdom relating to music,he dragged me along,guitar hunting from store to store, from Sunway Pyramid,to TGS Damansara Perdana,to Bentley to some other random music stores along LDP. Knowing that we might not make it back in time for dinner,he decided to have it at my place instead,where coincidentally, Yen and Angyu was after Yen's futsal session.Clearly Jitki's presence partially surprised them as they weren't aware of our closeness. The rest of the night was spent watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' after dinner followed by a McDonald's session,and a gossip session at the playground near my place (where abandoned buses were,making the place slightly eerie,much like a potential zombie hotspot). This marked the first outing we've ever had as a gang.
  •  Final Outing with Mahirah (27th May)
Just like every other farewell tradition,it was a must for us to at least have a final outing with Mahirah before she flew off to Adelaide to pursue her dream course in degree level. Our destination this time was Time Square,why? Because it's in the heart of the City,and it's near other shopping spots as well. As much as I despise shopping, for Mahirah, I'll survive xD We first had lunch in Nando's (for some reason,this place has always been our first stop before anything else o.O), went window shopping for a bit and had a karaoke session. Let's just say it's my first time being cooked up in a room,with music at full blast,random tidbits on the table and screaming my lungs out to various tunes. It's one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done,karaoke comes second in my 'fun things to do before I die' list after rock gig pogo xD we ended our little outing with a little more shopping and camwhoring! 

to be continued.... more updates coming soon, expect a part 2 :))