Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Killed It,Now It's Back to seek Vengeance

"I'm just a kid,and life is a nightmare.Nobody wants to be alone, and the whole world's having more fun than me.." - I'm Just a Kid by Simple Plan.

I woke up in the morning with this song ringing in my head,it was as if someone embedded an automated music player for me in my eardrums.It totally made my day,but little did I know that this song would be the perfect theme for the domino of shits i was gonna face today.
The day kicked off to a pretty good start,traffic was smooth and i managed to reach campus on time,class also ended early and Zech treated me for breakfast in Old Town,where I randomly met Neo and ended up eating with him and Zech.Again,I bumped into Josh,previously I bumped into him in Subway for lunch.Weird how you keep seeing the same person no matter how big the campus is and no matter how many students are around.Destiny can be a very deadly thing,hmm.Speaking of destiny,remember how we used to mess with the lecturers and then prove ourselves worthy by passing our exams with awesome distinctions?Adjusting with uni life was one challenge,adapting to the fast-paced syllabus with little or no tutorial aids at all is another.Semester 1 had been bittersweet,I make friends and lose friends along the way,and I learnt alot about social and working ethics too.It has been quite stressful due to the compressed timeline.Some of us might not make it through,then again,we survived! We're still alive woohoo! Then again,do note that whenever you 'cheat death',death will always find a way to seek vengeance? Just because we survived the first semester (or shall I say,first phase apocalypse). I admit,none of us had been making much effort to understand and practice the stuff that the lecturers teach u.What's the wakeup call? The outstanding number of failures in our previous Maths test.Thank you God,for making us realise it before we keep fooling around.

p/s: something went terribly wrong with my phone today.i missed 3 texts and FIVE optional shoes+clothes+mumbo=jumbo.
wait... that didn't make any sense,am i really that tired?sorry,i absent-mindedly typed that,seriously.and I plan to NOT delete it because it's ridiculous haha. what i meant to say was,i missed 3 texts,and almost 14 phone calls(of which I'm glad neither one of them came from my mom,means my ass is saved).my phone didn't notify me about any of these.time has come for me to get a new one perhaps?

i found this at hero in his high school days! guess which one he is :)