Saturday, June 26, 2010

17 again?

i had this very theatrical dream when i was having my usual power nap this must have been all the blogging,Enrique Iglesias frenzy and whatnot.i knew nothing good would come out of it,LOL! nevertheless,i really loved my dream,even though it's nothing but surreal and a bit too .... forward-thinking.i dreamed that i was at the park in my condo,riding the swing,alone,with my mp3 playing Enrique's duet with Nadiya entitled 'Miss You'.all out of a sudden,the swing stopped abruptly,it was as if someone took hold of both the support rope to purposely pause its motion.i got pissed,it's common for me to feel that way considering how my temper can be a bit variable at i looked up,a familiar face smiled upon heart pounded so hard,i think it might have popped out of my chest for all i care.YOU! wtf are you doing in my dream?before i was able to do anything,he stared into my eyes and gave me a gentle peck on my lips.OMG! is this how a first kiss feels like?i pushed him away out of shock and ran,but then he pulled my hand and whispered to explain everything.i eventually rushed upstairs and looked in the mirror..

oh my...WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE!! WHAT YEAR IS IT?? i checked my phone,only to find that it was already 2021,which means..i'm 28 years old?and married?? i turned behind,he was at the door,curious to know whether or not it was ok for him to come in already.i let him in of course,but still,i was in the state of disbelieve.i'm married to him?and the funniest thing is,i don't look much different from how i looked when i was 17.he sat down with me on my bed and told me how i got into an accident and went through amnesia for was really awkward.when he was done with his side of the tale,i wanted to ask him whom he was,but before i could,i felt my shoulders being shook several times. mom woke me up from the dream.i ran into the bathroom to look at my reflection.i was really grateful that i was 17 again,LMAOOO...i AM 17,never was 28 anyway.not ready to be,as a matter of fact.the dream was really sweet nevertheless. this hour,i'm still wondering who was that guy in my dream?he looked familiar...but i don't know.let's just see for ourselves..