Thursday, May 28, 2009

yours,mine and ours

Rhapsody of Epiphany

today,after the exam,my thoughts went wandering.i stared at the casuarin trees outside my class,and indulged the swift breeze blowing towards my face.just then,the beauty of it vanished into thin air when a cluster of smoke appeared out of nowhere.not only did it bring that choking smell,but it spoiled the majesty of the sight.i was annoyed,totally.i wondered who could have done such harm.i used to daydream of the person i love,and imagine that we were walking together in happiness yet right now,i really think there's no use for it.there's a bigger issue to be thought of,our beloved planet earth.what has the world come to be?i am ashamed to admit being among the irresponsible humans.i used to litter,but i thought,what would happen one day if the whole world was flooded with trash?

what's left for our children to drink and admire?

is this the kind of getaway you have always dreamt of?
you might be saying,what should you give a damn about anyway?they're just a bunch of wild animals right?but think,just think,what if one day,God decides to switch our fates with them to teach us a lesson?i think it's starting to be that way..face it.

children are suffering deep one understands.their cries,their rants,are responded by ignorance.

jails are only for convicts,those who did major offence,but what is happening now?innocent people are behind bars for things they didn't even do.where is the justice?

people are dying.someday,the human race will come to an extinction.where is the love,the peace,the humanity?so much for the propagandas.we are illiterally turning into cannibals.

but what if,what if..someone takes a stand,step forward,and make a difference?why don't we all do the same?a minor breakthrough can change the world.

think about it..voice it out.protest for mankind's rights.never let greed conquer you.we are the hands that change the world.we..are MANKIND.

-what about now?