Monday, February 14, 2011


isn't he like the most adorable thing alive??? even in a sequined
dress he looks hot,hahaha.

but anyway,Billie Joe isn't our main topic here people,in spite of him being a part of this post a little bit's about my musical career,my SPM result,my redundant life due to being unemployed,my driving license,and a bit of everything in between.

yesterday for instance,after days of my paranoid speculations regarding how far i feel the gap is between my close butts and i are,it's actually untrue.we had an outing in Sunway Pyramid and it turned out fine,without any forms of awkward silence,except for the part where i parted from the gang to join the two girls for what was supposed to be ice skating.too bad the rates shot up skyhigh,sufficient for all of us to change our minds.RM25? that's worth 5 bumper car rides which was of course,the bomb! surprisingly..

i'm telling you,it's more fun than it looks.

but the worst part,i didn't know frozen yogurt would cost me a fair amount of budget,like wtf?almost felt like shoving the excess yogurt back up into the dispenser.however,upon tasting it,it isn't so bad and i felt that the money i spent for it actually paid off.Tutti Frutti is awesome but i gotta remind myself to limit the quantity.

afterwards,the girls were shopping their way when i decided to scurry on feet were killing me but it was fun! oh,and my second time in Nando's (although it reminded me of a teacher i once hated,nicknamed as such) was terrific.the sidelines can never be a fair contender to Kenny Rogers' but i guess the roast chicken is's edible at least,and i regret ordering lemon and herb flavour.the chicken tasted better with hot's like wasabi but less weirder.
thanks for the day Adeila,Hanizar,Ily,Syiera,Atiqah and Nana :)

oh hey,it's 14th of February.this can only mean two things,Valentine's Day for the non-Muslims and a fortnight before i turn another year the years go buy,i always use this date as an indicator that i should be transforming into a better person soon in one way or another.the pressure i feel each year is tremendous,which explains why i always resort to emotional breakdowns if i'm being pushed too far beyond my humanly short,try not to mess with me within these two weeks and things should be willy-nilly alright?

speaking of birthdays,would like to grab this rare opportunity to congratulate on of my favourite married couples of all time,Sazzy and Nazril for their expected twin girls! i personally envy Sazzy.i know i'm not married but when i am,i really want to have twins! two boys,or two girls,or better still,a boy and a girl.

how about marrying a lebanese and get twin Mikas instead? hehe

this week's been too hectic for me to catch up much with my musical progress,reason being time constraint,tight (outing) schedule and whatnot.i did manage to practice a few times,which resulted in my mom getting mad and telling me i was making a ruckus in the middle of the night,LOL.that really made me wish i had an actual studio with soundproof padding on the walls,in other words,a room with walls lined by cushions.that should do the trick.the next band practice is intentionally a day prior my 18th birthday simply because i wanted to celebrate turning into an adult with the people whom i share passion with,my band! i miss the fellers.can't wait for it.

this reminds me.. Billie Joe Armstrong's birthday's in 3 days! i still haven't started that song i wanted to write in dedication to him.i should get cracking and start writing soon,time flies by like a whirlwind,i'll miss out if i procrastinate further! i have so many ideas yet so little vocabulary.sigh...why the writer's block now dammit! maybe i should write the song now?

for that,i guess i should beat it before i think of more ideas to write on.i'll save the rest for later.have a great Valentines Day to those who celebrate,and Happy Maulidur Rasul to Muslims worldwide.