Sunday, January 31, 2010


this is another overdue blog post that i have been meaning to share with all of you but because of the suckish internet connection and of course,my extremely tight schedule,my early plans will usually fall apart.i'm just glad right now,at this hour,my eyes can still bear it and the line is not as congested as during peak hours.
as you all may or may not have known,i went to this music exhibition the other day at Petrosains.the exhibition is more to physics than music,nevertheless,when music is connected to science,it will surely attract me.the first and most basic theory of it all is the sound wave theory.sound is transmitted via movement of particles that form longitudinal waves.the speed of sound depends on the arrangement of particles in a medium,be it compact or this case,the demonstration was done by using simple door knobs slammed to different types of surfaces(limestone,sandstone,rock) and the result?the indicated speed will be shown on a digital machinery.

moving on,there are other complex theories as well.the theory of adaptation,origin of music and turns out that my favourite song by P.diddy entitled 'I'll Be Missing You' is an adaptation of an older song from a band called Police back in the 80s.speaking of time,there were two similar exhibits: development of music starting from the imitating of natural sounds to alternative music and the development of recording materials,i.e from gramophones to has gone through a lot of revolutionary changes as human kind matures.i also got a chance to test my musicality: my perfect pitch,my musical pattern turns out only one out of a 1000 people have perfect pitch,and sadly i'm not one of my score was 8/10,which means i have an average tempo and perfect musical pattern differentiation abilities.not to mention,the exhibit that proves how much a music can influence one's emotions in a particular situation is also fascinating.some of the rest of the exhibitions that attracted me are the never-ending piano(in which the tune we play seem to keep ascending and will never end as we go around it) and the turntable simulation.

the never-ending piano

the turntable simulation.

Songs Around the Globe.

so i guess that just about wraps up my awesome trip to MUZIKA! till then,may music connect us all despite language,nation or other inevitable yet irrelevant barriers among us all.

music's my soul.

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