Sunday, October 25, 2009



it's finally here!! THIS IS IT!! it's the opening night tonight in LA!! goshh! the much anticipated movie is finally here! i wonder how the outlook would be like.despite the cause brought forward by the THIS IS NOT IT Campaign held by MJ's attache' (can i call them tht?),on the contrary i think i should watch the movie myself and make my own judgements.i didn't realise it till today on facebook,i marked my calendar.the event is tonight! midnight,malaysian time.

on the fan page,there was a project called the TII Fan Mosaic consisting fan photos from all over the world.once it was done,i went to check it out only to find out that my picture was located on his thigh! isn't that awesome?
here it is..

and this is where my pic is located :

forget the stunna shades,they're my mom's CD specs! haha.stole them off for awhile and put right back where i found them.chillax peeps,remember the jacket MJ wore when he performed Billie Jean on Motown 25?that was his mom's,LOL.and good news is,i'm gonna catch TII at malacca on nov 6th!! isn't that awesome??

ok,so some of you may say,how come yana is suddenly so obsessed with MJ after his death?where was she when he needed his fans the most?is she being a mere poser?
well,the answer is simple.all your statements are just a bunch of meaningless assumptions that are not worth a single be honest,i have been a fan of his since i was a toddler.i grew up during the 'Dangerous Era' (1992-1995,in this case,i am a 93 baby) and grew up listening to his music.he's grown to be my childhood hero until i started my blind fangirling activities over younger artistes who actually didn't care for the world as much as he did.i was wrong to believe what the press said about him.i was wrong to have left him alone with his problems.i was supposed to be one of his supporters but instead,i became one of the hateful people who call him Jacko.i felt really bad and grieved over his death for almost three months.this is why i'm doing all these,to compensate for my mistakes.he was part of my childhood,just like Michael Jordan or Walt Disney movies,barbie dolls etc.he made me as what i appear to be.therefore,i hope there will be no more doubts regarding my passion for his music.NOTHING can change it,EVER.

Paris Leanna Jackson to you..