Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 2

i bumped into him,TWICE! once in the hallway,the other is on my way out for recess.Alex had really gotten to me.Lex Lex..when will you ever know.

Ily,Syira and I decided to hang out at the bus stop for awhile,get some ice cream and gossip before we head i was looking for a place to put my bags,he was there.Alex stood,leaning against the wall with his slouching posture.he can no longer cover his physical flaws without the black blazer on,it was only his yellow shirt and blue tie,nonetheless,once the heart is stolen,nothing can get in the way of total admiration.i don't know why.i don't think he has any super powers.he's not exactly an athlete nor a musician,yet there's something about him that makes him special.must be his shyness?hmmm..or maybe not.there was one incident that i could recall,Ily showing me some pictures form the previous years and Alex spontaneously approached us and violently flipped through the album,unaware that the pages might get paper cuts all over my nose.

i came in to tuition awfully late as usual,being cursed to become a virgin till age 30 by mr zeelen,LOL.who gives a jam.the highlight of tonight is not the class,but what happens during it and right after.the tables were arranged in a different position,so more people could sit in ironic thing is the fact that Alex preferred to sit waaaaaaaaaaayyy back,under the airconditioning vent,isolated.when asked,he said he liked the cold.thus,the nickname Father Christmas XDD well,to be honest,he's not as nice as santa.he tried to lock us in and turned off the lights when the class was over,LMAO.i think that might be the reason i like him? again,i don't know.

i saw Alex and Ben sitting together.they must have something on.i need to find out,SOON!

to be continued...