Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve - 2013

Well hello there my dear readers! It's half an hour till the new year y'all ! And hey, if you're reading this, you've survived the 21/12/12 Doom's Day! ...and are as miserable as I am, celebrating it at home with my notes and books coz of the finals I'm having on January 2nd.YAY FOR YOU SMART PEOPLE STAYING HOME! who needs the celebration anyway,you gotta endure traffic,and possible drunkard encounter,the crime rates are high.. pish posh.. no I'm not being sour because I can't go out with my friends, I bet they have their own plans with their own gang, I'm just saying it's smarter to stay home,heh.

Back to our little doom's day chit-chat, well admit it, you were a wee bit scared the Mayans were right, although I wasn't. Apocalypse postponed eh? Typical homo sapien, even postponing things when it comes to  predictions,heh procrastinators unite! Not that I'm being superstitious,I don't actually believe this but it's amusing to read how hard people work to spark panic. >> 2012 apocalypse postponed to 2014 ?

It's been a tradition for me to recap things in detail on the last day of the year,simply to reminiscent the good times and the bad times I've experienced. To be perfectly honest,2012 has been unexpectedly very dynamic in terms of experiences, it was one hell of a ride which I can't simply describe in one word. It's been an equal share of sweet and sour, pretty much resembles a bag of skittles.

It started off with a BAM, who would've thought I'd meet my heroes from Simple Plan : Pierre, Seb, David, Chuck, Jeff in person and watch them perform live?It was simply amazing, especially on account of getting to watch my punk rock princess as well within two consecutive months! I believe I need not to elaborate on this, as I've done enough of it within a blog post I had earlier on in January :'>

 Degree.. wow, to be describing what it's like here in one post would be an understatement. Sure,it was tough at first with my culture shock towards the sudden independence expected by the lecturers from us,but we managed to pull through. I met a lot of new people along the way,and hey, who would've known, that nerdy guy in FIC January 2011 (my sort of foundation senior) I used to think as someone who's super reserved and geeky would actually turn out to be my best friend within 8 months? I was thankful I had someone to be close with to that degree after Mahirah left. I'm a bit fuzzy as to how we actually connected,perhaps the fact that we're both guitarists?Or maybe we're just randomly insane,yeah that. I remembered his first question to me : "Why do you take Software Engineering?" I've forgotten what my answer was,but it was something along the lines of my desire to 'build my own software from scratch'. One thing led to another, then there I was,with him in his car,hunting for an electric guitar. We started talking everyday, and eventually know everything about each other, also often mistaken as a 'blooming couple',lol. For a short period of time,we've been into a lot of ups and downs, many a time have we saved each other's lives (not literally), and many a time have we gotten into big fights,but later on resolved in less than a day. I couldn't thank Allah enough for granting my wish to have someone to be physically there for me when I need him fter Mahirah left for Aussie. Jitki is Jitki, he will never be Mahirah, but I appreciate what we share so far,and I love them both equally.

Here's to you Jitki, (ultragay alert) : You're the best gift God has given me this year (after meeting Simple Plan,lol) .Thank you SO MUCH for all that you've done for me,for all the reality checks you gave me,for all your advice, for all the pointless bickering,for all the joy, for all the PMS-ing (which made me realize I shouldn't use it as an excuse to burst at people,nice reverse psychology),for all the insane conversations,for all the music.May this friendship last for many years to come :D

Enough gayness, we've still a couple of stuff more to revisit. This was also the year I first exposed my songs to the public, in Starbucks! It was all meant to be written for my personal enjoyment,but the crowd response was amazing! I didn't expect to literally perform it, it was however an amazing experience,not to mention,being appointed as the Managing Director of Taylor's Music CLub, I've dealt with so many obstacled along the way of organizing events. Jessie and Leanne are indeed such awesome people to work with,their passion for music,charisma,leadership,commitment,everything merges into one to form a very solid team. There has been a lot of changed in Music Club,and needless to say it's been a pleasure to be part of the pioneers and drivers to these changes.

Last but not least,here's to the new year 2013, hopefully as dynamic and adventurous as 2012!