Sunday, December 4, 2011

Can't keep my hands off you

chill people,i ain't no perv xD that's the song that's been playing on my mind,so much so that it's been a part of my musical dreams for many nights already.yes you did read that correctly,MUSICAL DREAMS.somehow i've been having glee-style dreams where people would randomly break out into a dance routine in the middle of hallways to the catchy tunes on my mp3,strange indeed.also,the past few nights,i've been extremely insomniac for some reason and yesterday,my body finally condemned on me,missed half the classes and spent most of my time in the sick bay.

and so what i thought was gonna be a dreadful hospital ward-like place turned out to be heavenly.entering the place alone,i was greeted by the friendly faces,who then offered me temporary treatment.they provided me with hot milo and i rested for about an hour before they prescribed me 2 panadols.feeling drowsy,i slept for about another hour before leaving for lunch with Mahirah.Actifast works wonders yo! and it's pretty awesome that the sick bay provided first class treatment for absolutely no additional charges at all,well apparently facilities were first class,hands down.

And then there's that terrifying blackout experience.I was downstairs,alone,doing work as always when a short circuit occurred with one of the switches in my house and the whole place went pitch was 4am and i had that "shit :)" face.used my laptop as a torch light,went upstairs and straight to bed.i guess it's the universe's way of forcing me to sleep.yeah it worked,because if there's one weakness in the world,mine would be fear of insomniac days are over! for now.