Monday, December 12, 2011

Living Lavigne-da Loca!

Buy me a Rock Zone ticket for my advanced 19th birthday present and i swear i will love you forever,LOL.this is all I ever wanted,yes,Avril Lavigne is in my bucket list of artists i would love to see before i die.i would reveal my whole bucket list but that would take up a whole lotta posts.for now,just know that if you're wondering what to give me for my birthday,get me a ticket! please! i'm not asking much,don't have to get me fancy teddy bears or clothes or chocolates,just pool money for all i care and get me a goddamn Avril concert ticket! hehe

wow first Simple Plan and now her!!! i hope Tune Talk stops bringing all these awesome people in one year,i need $$$ for tickets!

If I were A Millionaire

I've been talking to one of my closest friends about his dream he had about winning RM20Mil.he told me it was exciting at first but after awhile,it gets boring because he wouldn't know what to do with the rest of the money he has.however,if i were him,i would know exactly how i would spend each and every single cent i own.

for starters,of course as a Muslim it's an obligation to go for pilgrimage,so i would spend around maybe rm100k for that,which means i will be taking my family members with me.i will set aside 20% of my wealth for zakah and charity.speaking of charity,i aim to help those countries at war especially Syria and Palestine.i'll make an expedition to these countries and help the children.i'll also try to help as many cancer patients as possible.

then i'll change my phone,maybe to a typical Blackberry,get myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab in replacement to my old laptop.

afterwards maybe i'll buy a house; but i'm not planning to get myself a 10-million dollar mansion,no sir.i'll only get myself an ordinary pent house that overlooks the view of the city,maybe i'll get one in Los Angeles and another one in KL.

with that done,I'll get myself a car,again nothing fancy considering the fact that i'm not really the best driver in the world,wouldn't wanna damage a car that costs a fortune now would we?haven't quite gotten a proper thought on what type of car will i be getting,but there's a high probability that i will get myself a Jaguar,or any of those fancy convertible cars with roofs i can opt to open or close.

in terms of music,i plan to start a business,open a recording and jamming studio somewhere in KL,hire a few musicians to teach musical instruments in the studio,hire a few audio experts to handle recordings,and have a special studio reserved for Band would look like a mini house where we can all jam in overnight and treat like our own homes,so that we can churn out music anytime we want for absolutely free.i will have proper drumsets for my drummer,proper amps for my guitarists,bassist and keyboardist as well as proper mics and audio interfaces for our own personal use and also for the recording business.we would be the next KRU,except we're not siblings.with all the money i have,we can collaborate with any bands we love,Avril,Simple Plan,you-name-it.i could also have Green Day to perform in my backyard for my private birthday party.

i'll use the rest of my money to invest in large scale businesses,maybe McDonald's or anything i love.i'd travel the world to all the continents and places i've always wanted to visit,and i'll finally meet the celebrities i've been meaning to meet.

my dream wedding?i want a simple garden wedding with only the closest relatives and acquaintances invited,at the Himalayas or somewhere in Maldives,any sandy beaches will do.i don't want something like Kim Kardashian,too much of a fuss and it doesn't even last.and i don't even care if my husband gives me a diamond ring or not,what's important is,i get married to the man I love and that we vow to keep each other for better or for worse.but i really want Christina Perri to perform A Thousand Years at my wedding,hihih.

okay..back to planet earth.wouldn't it be fun to be a millionaire?set aside the possibilities of getting pursued by mafias and assassins of course.