Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MIME Day 1 - probably one of the best nights of my life.

with the legendary percussionist,Steve Thornton 

can't believe such a small idea could become this big. 

the trio! 

what the..???

The Awesome Raya in Pixels

First day... 

Mak Nini's awesome laksa 

bidding farewell to our Perlisian relatives

The most reputable restaurant in Penang 

toy museum,with Jack Sparrow. 

New York Strip Steak in Hard Rock Cafe. (don't ask me the price,totally worth it) 

 SOng request for the HRC Penang band.

read em and weep!

Yeah baby! 

complimentary natural make-over from MAC 

 'him'... this is supposed to be said to 'him'

 Vintage KFC in Penang

kak Idd's living room :O 

my lovely bro and sis :) 

 kak long!

my fav couple :') 

 so yeah...

staircase guests 

 VP benson & ching huei

my bro hangin at my staircase studio :P