Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Day Without an Idiot Box

i guess it's true that rely too much on technology to enhance their lives that they start to become extremely dependent,making technology a necessity.there was a heavy downpour this afternoon followed by strong winds and a thunderstorm which pretty much screwed up our Astro services,leaving us with nothing to entertain ourselves with except for the radio and the internet.thank god the internet's not centralized too,pfft.. the pain of living in a condo.everything is being shared,our cable TV services,electricity,water supply,you name it.if it wasn't for KD10 High School,i would've shifted to a proper house AGES ago.

speaking of idiot box,i guess without it we'll never know what's happening beyond the comfort of our homes..just like how Obama is being hated by his own countrymen despite being elected president when he went against McCain.strange..why would people hate him?he's adorable.look at him...

some say he's only adored by Asian countries especially those populated by a majority of Muslims.say what?i just don't get it.he's a nice guy and always has the right things to say at the right timing.who can ever forget his spontaneous "Pulang kampung ni!" remark in his speech during his visit to Indonesia.come on guys,give Barry a break :)

i know i'm random and i'm supposed to blog about my Eid,yet..i doubt that i'm in the right mood to do so.i missed deila's open house and the worst part is,my 'other half' was there :( dammit.oh well,5 days to go before SPM starts,gotta get cracking if i want my result slip to explode with emissions of rainbow coloured smoke.LMAO.