Thursday, June 17, 2010

Devastation Strikes

PEKAN: Five members of a family were killed and three others badly injured in an accident between a multipurpose vehicle and a trailer lorry at Km87 of Jalan Kuantan-Segamat Thursday.

Pekan police deputy chief DSP Amran Sidek said the dead were Roland Wee Seng Hock, 56, senior assistant of a secondary school in Muar, Johor, his son Joash Wee, 23, two daughters Jasinth Wee, 18, and Jelyn Wee, 16. The other was Seng Hock's mother-in-law Lim Kim Boon, 79.

Those injured were Seng Hock's wife, Chew Chin Loi, 54, and their two other children, Jemima Wee, 17, and Josiah Wee, 13.

They have been sent to Tengku Ampuan Afzan Hospital in Kuantan for treatment.

The family, from Taman Mas Ria, Muar, was believed to have been on the way to Melaka in a Naza Ria MPV after having spent three days of the school holidays visiting a family friend in Kuantan when the accident occurred at 7.45am.

The empty trailer lorry was travelling from Segamat to Kuantan, he said, adding that the slightly injured driver had been detained.

Amran said Seng Hock, his mother-in-law and two of his children died on the spot while Jasinth died during treatment at the Muadzam Shah Hospital due to a severe head injury.

This was the second bad accident in almost a fortnight on Jalan Kuantan-Segamat. On June 7, six people were killed in an accident about 10km away from the accident spot. Bernama

i was at Mcd,enjoying my meal with nizar and the Midnight Society Gang when i got this sms from an unknown number "Mrs wee family met accident.Mr Wee,joash n grandmum n little girl passed away.mrs wee,jemima and little boy stil in hospital"

my heart stopped.i almost cried.the whole gang noticed my sudden change of was very devastating.they were all very close to me.



Jacinth Wee and Joash Wee i may not be close to the both of you,but i love you like my own elder siblings.losing both of you is indeed devastating.i have no words to say.have a nice afterlife and i am glad to have been a friend of yours.RIP.i love you.

to Jemima,be strong.i am not a girl of few words but this tragedy has left me have my heart and i will always be there for you.i love you.please,get well soon..for your mother and your brother,.

to my dear Convent friends,please comfort Jemima and use all your might to get her back on her feet.

to the rest of you,value your loved ones before it's too late..

Revival of Broken Spirit

am i really offended or was that really just me missing you too much?maybe i am annoying,which is why my friends get easily fed up with me.i get emotional too easily,over such minute causes.

sometimes i think these emotions should just drown in the sea,get blown away by the previous tornado or merely just burn and rot in hell! LMFAOPIMP.okay i'm overreacting again.

look who came to put my mood back on the line:

he rang my phone with his private number,i didn't know whom he was until he told me to meet him at the fire that was what i did,with my heart beating like hell in the midst of curiosity,fear and so many mixed emotions.what does he want from me?
i had a knife and my guitar as defence,lol..
tomy surprise it was only our homeboy Chris Daughtry..

okay i lied.i youtubed him and apparently his songs cheered me up :)

you rock Daughtry! i heart yewwwww...