Wednesday, May 13, 2009



finally! i think my retention span is starting to extend a little bit longer everyday.any rants,any pain,will never hurt me now! today was addmaths,and it was hell people.paper one was easy (not to brag but it's true!) but paper 2..oh my god.i think i did what i do the best on most of the logarithm questions,damn.i can kiss that A1 for addmaths good bye now,no doubt that i won't be getting it,sigh.exaggerating or in other words,'achery in exam',is what i do best,haha.oh well,hope i won't fail,i think i did well compared to the previous test.tomorrow's gonna be another day,huhu..

1.this is my new style of blogging :D
2.puan nabilah's leaving next month,i can't believe!what will we prefects ever do without her :(
3.i'm still a dick,haha.for being addicted to him.
4.thanks to rin for opening my eyes,i'm now indifferent.

not gonna do this again.