Sunday, July 25, 2010

Life's A Carnival

"I'm not bitter
but i've seen better days
I'm not bitter
Is it the better man that always walks away
watch me walk away"
-Bitter by Teddy Geiger

thank you elle for reminding me of this speaks to me in such a way that i feel life isn't half as bad as all of us had thought it would is actually pretty well-written by God,all the destiny..all the tragedies..all the unfulfilled's all a spectrum of emotions where all you do is sit and watch as the story unfolds beneath your feet,then you make a choice whether or not to walk the pathway.the lyrics of this song is brief but extremely meaningful and deep.the melody is laid back but the music is fantastic.kudos to Teddy Geiger for a song well-arranged!

as predicted,i knew the conflict between Jared and i wouldn't last a matter of fact,neither of us needed to apologize.the problem had gotten blew away with the wind,just like's a miracle really.things like these seldom happen to me.

about yesterday,the carnival went's my first and last,i enjoyed every single minute of it,from the preparations,to the customers and then all the profits of course.our business went through a downfall at the beginning.our venue was a bit too far off from the hallways where the passers-by are,the Haunted House beside out stall got a student possessed and we were accused of luring the 'evil spirit' due to the posters we sell and the loud music we had on.oh come's not our fault! :/ as for the stuff we did,we had a lot of games,both indoor and outdoor.we had a garage sale and we also sold homemade ice first we didn't have that much faith in the Fishing Game section of our stall,but who would've knew that that was the most profitable one! we came up with a budget of approximately rm100 and got back more than twice that value!

our flyer at the venue,on the day of the carnival.

the Fishing gameee~ that's me And Jerin,red shirt guy is Akif,PBSM guy is hazem and that's the fishing pool.

here's everyone else,preparing our indoor business..

Toilet throw,wakaka.i'm telling you,it's not as easy as it looks!

the shooting game.also not that easy.
but still fun.

Mei Shen with her homemade cookies.

Aimi and Farzana were the first to try out the Fishing Game,eventually so many people showed up
to try their luck!

our not-so successful garage sale.apparently KD10 is not well-prepared to accept this 'secondhand' tradition thing yet.
one thing's for sure,that Linkin Park poster (take a closer look!) is mine :)

all in all,being an entrepreneur for a day was both fun and exhausting,considering how i have to rush for my intensive tuition classes right after.we have another carnival coming up so all of us will have to prepare soon.

p/s: congrats Marco upon winning the marching was a tough fight but all your hardwork and endurance had paid off aite? just wish i was there to see you :(