Sunday, May 1, 2011


oh wow,there i go again.i ditched my blog to live a hectic college student about being too busy to bother tracking down events of my life,lol.i still feel the need of doing it considering my visible and anonymous blog followers will surely demand updates on a fortnightly basis at least.there were far too many happenings lately,so i figure maybe i should just list down a few of them?this is it,starting with the most recent ones to the older ones:

#1: first drumming attempt:

well  i didn't exactly learn any proper songs,it's just a random beat i invented on an online virtual drumset of which i then transferred to a proper drumset during jam session. no big deal. my first drumming experience is surprisingly better than my first guitar experience.hmmmm :)

#2: Taylor's World Class Scholarship Interview
it caught me off guard.i didn't expect to be among the shortlisted candidates considering the tremendous amount of applicants with results either better or equivalent as mine,thank Heavens i was chosen.the drawback was the fact that i got the news a little too close to the actual date that i didn't have time to do a mock interview with the career council :S  the whole interview went well nevertheless,although i actually had a little misunderstanding with the financial and bursary unit regarding the list of things i should have brought.questions asked were really general (and,might i say,cliche' ones) like : tell me about yourself,describe yourself in one word and why,why we chose Taylor's etc.i didn't stutter and i've gotten thousands of tips from the it's time to wait for an update if i were to move on to the next stage of the interview.

#3: Musical Contribution:
YES! i think i've tweeted this before.i will be a part (if not major) of a song project with one of my favourite local bands since childhood.i won't elaborate much yet,let's wait till it happens :)

#4: My First Auto Car Driving experience
Never in my life have i felt so punk driving an auto car in an unfamiliar area at night WITHOUT 'P' stickers pasted on either side of the windscreens.if it wasn't for me driving in a housing area,we would've been was hell of a traumatizing was also without the knowledge of my family.i'm so dead if they find out,lol.let's just be glad i'm alive to tell the tale and hide the deep,dark secret aite.

i guess that's about it.i'll update more soon :)