Thursday, June 18, 2009


Miscellanous Random Emotions

i have been sleeping at 4 and confusing myself all the time because of debate.we have THREE MOTIONS, and each of us had to prepare SIX SPEECHES INCLUSIVELY GOV AND OPPO FOR ALL THE MOTIONS.we bought the first round,so we're moving on straight away to the quarter finals this friday.IF we win,semis are in the eve and finals are on the next day.

just as i thought i had the biggest stress in the whole wide Milky Way Galaxy

haha..and the solution:

a little dessert for the eye:


my ideal couple..(maybe i should go emo again..shhh~)

a few days ago,i took a little fresh air at tanjung with my mom,sis,bro-in-law and niece.we decided to see the new jetty featured in the papers.

a little dark but u get my point right.just as we were about to brace ourselves for the beauty we're witnessing before our eyes,disaster strikes..

yet..the other side,the old jetty,still has that eyecatching,picturuesque view at dusk.

remember the visit to 21:05 two weeks ago? ..did i mention? :D

my new obsessions:

ROCK LEGENDs ON FB! damn,and i said i wasnt gonna become a game-a-holic ever!

ah well..i guess that's bout it.gonna get back to debate now.toodles all!

-mrs TVI.