Monday, October 25, 2010

Very Last Time vs A Burger Review

Music by: Jennifer Chung & Johnny Yang
Lyrics by: Jennifer Chung

What? What am I supposed to do with you?
Then again you're really not the issue
It's a battle within myself,
And I don't need your help.

Why? Why am I getting so confused?
The feelings gone, I don't even like you.
Then tell me why is it that sometimes
I can't look you in the eyes.

You did me wrong,
And you knew all along
That you weren't ready
But I'm holding steady

So I hope you hear this song.

This is my goodbye.
No longer will I try.
'Cause I'm leaving, and you've hurt me for the very last time.

How? How did I even get here?
This is the very place that I feared.
In a position where I wonder if you cared for me at all.

Who? Who was it that made me believe,
That you and I were supposed to be.

Well it doesn't matter, 'cause in the end.

When I, I think
Of all the these questions -- with no answers my heart begins to sink.

Do you realize?
Well, it doesn't matter 'cause I'm living, breathing, & feeling so alive.
let's focus on the finer things in life,for instance this burger i tasted today.McDonald's never fail to tingle my taste buds to the maximum degree,can i just say that their new black pepper chicken Mcdeluxe burger is probably extra terrestrial?beyond words of compliments to say the very least.the original chicken mcdeluxe didn't impress me but this new and improved one certainly did.believe you me when i say i only took a split second to indulge it..poof! it's gone into my system :D amazing! i give it a 4/5 rating for the taste and price.yes i know,i'm beauty conscious and i can't help but going on a crash diet to keep my weight optimum at all times,BUT this is a major exception really.what's the harm of having occasional fast food anyway? ;) you only live once,doesn't mean you can't screw up your balanced meal once in a while right?plus,i guess it's safe to say that my sudden passion for burgers came out of my recent frustration with a certain issue (relating to the heart and mind,pardon you).it's not easy to deal with thus,my appetite grows with my mood.i really really REALLY have to urgently get this passion out of my vocabulary soon,i wouldn't wanna end up fat when i reach 18.NOOOOOOOO way!

speaking of food,i did come up with quite a number of food-for-thought quotes on twitter,feel free to pass them around without crediting me,because all those came from God's inspiration,passed down to me through human intelligence,which also happens to be of God's own :)

Food for thought 1#: do not criticize people without reflecting on your own weaknesses first.such attitude gets you nowhere,bear in mind.
interpretation: it's self-explanatory,humility is honorable,under any circumstances.

Food for thought 2#: temper is called a tantrum when you're a child,a bad mood when you're a teenager and a syndrome when you're a fully-developed adult.
interpretation: everyone has a right to be angry,upset or merely dissatisfied of something but no matter what,they should not let anger take control of their minds.

happy Monday everyone,have a productive week!