Tuesday, May 12, 2009


That Dim-lit Dream

i can finally sleep well knowing that my heart moved on.the argument between my heart and my mind came to an end,and both of them settled down to a brighter side of the situation.everything was going well,until just now.i finally stopped thinking of you,and started thinking of the more important things in life.but,disaster strikes again.i dreamt...

Sheena was in class,doing her own thing.she was smiling again,wider than ever,and her laughter filled the room with joy until..up came Xavier,at the doorstep of the classroom,looking at her with a smile.She turned,replied that smile with one of her best ones ever,and approached Xavier.They talked,and eventually he approached another gorup of her classmates for a chat.Nadine was sly indeed,she managed to take out Sheena's wallet that contained a picture of Xavier,which he doesn't know of.the picture was taken without his knowledge.Nadine giggled and showed the picture to Sheena's bestfriends.They giggled too,and sat in a circle to gaze at the picture.Sheena was half angered and half amused.Little did she know that Xavier was behind them all these while.Upon noticing,everyone went 'OH NOO YOU DON'T!" and quickly hid the picture under their table.Xavier chuckled,and asked,'Why are all of you keeping a picture of me in my school uniform?' All of them shooked their heads,but Sheena blushed.Xavier then took her by her hands and sat together with her.Facing her,he gazed into her eyes for the very first time.She looked away,like she never did was beautiful..She was powerless and she could only smile.she was breathless and speechless.too bad the moment was short..

i was awoken by the thoughts of my exam made me realise that it's not a sin to dream,but it hurts so much that when you finally thought you can forget him yet he refuses to let you go,even with the knowledge that he's not yours eventhough you are his.

-so i dreamt..and i shall never dream again,i hope.