Monday, July 25, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011 !

Fuck tests,fuck assignments,it's a one in a lifetime opportunity to fuck everything off and just for once,ENJOY! it was so awesome, and i never thought i would be lucky enough to witness such powerful event up front! many thanks to Pop Shuvit especially Cikgu JD for the chance :) too bad Rin wasn't free,could've been more fun with her around,then again the other regular pass didn't go to waste.I invited CJ along and clearly he had the time of his life too. 30 Seconds to Mars made me really hyper, i'm still wearing the World Stage wristband as we speak! too fucking awesome and that i still have a lot of energy left,i'm gonna write a little review about the whole event.

My plan to ask CJ to tag along was really last minute,thus our late arrival to the venue.Parking took rm10! FML,and it was hella far from the stage! we had to walk for miles to finally reach there.Met up with Jijie,her sis and some of her friends before I decided to test my 'squeezing to the front' skills.Couldn't really quite focus on Pop Shuvit,mainly because i was still adjusting myself for a better view,then again, i felt the energy seeping through my veins! Starting with Old Skool Rocka,then Marabahaya when the crowd sang along and jumped to the beat, followed by Running Away and that other song with EAR. the best was of course Man Bai's appearance.funniest part was when my gang and I were shouting 'GO JEDIDIAH!!" at JD,lol.wonder if he heard us?

moving on.Beast?they sucked.there were too many screaming and i'mma skip them.i manipulated the chance to walk up front to the border fence.

Neon Trees omg i'm your new fan! Tyler rocked!!!  1983 was the best piece ever this time i actually almost got dehydrated because it was super packed and we weren't allowed to bring drinks's a sure thing that all the jumping and shouting makes you perspire a lot that your body runs out of water supply eventually.the major miracle is,i wasn't even half exhausted.i felt the adrenaline surging up and before i knew it,i'm dancing to the tune!

The best performance of the night belongs to 30 Seconds to Mars! not only did they control the crowd,they also went against security rules by filling up the stage with fans! it was indescribable,beyond awesome.i don't even have any proper word that would do their performance justice! Jared Leto was incredibly talented! it's as if he never gets exhausted,and there were two lucky fans who actually got a hug from him ON STAGE! still couldn't believe the fact he made the fans jumped over the made me wonder if i were in a punk rock show.

all in all,minus that little drama we had after the concert,it wasn't enough to break me.tonight was still fucking awesome! a night to remember!

p/s: still,STILL waiting for Green day to come.
p/s/s: RIP Amy Winehouse :( gone too soon.