Monday, August 10, 2009

What Matters The Most

hey guys! a lot of things happened lately despite my brief absence.remember the XPAX GOT X GOT FRIENDS contest? check this out..

this was on Rudy's tweets.i guess i'm not the only one thrilled to win that trip to Japan! wait,there's more,now check THIS out..

my name appeared TWICE..i repeat,TWICE,on Pop SHuvit's tweets.not that it matters whether or not it's a good sign of high probability in winning,it's merely the fact that your name doesn't appear TWICE in your fav band's tweets everyday you i guess i can consider that as LUCK XD

lately i've been pretty much addicted to free online movies site.a few days back,i watched Terminator Salvation and i think,compared to Transformers 2,this prequel movie is an undoubtedly a million times BIGGER in success!

notice how colours are always the drawback in choosing an outfit?but fear no more,for there ARE colours that actually suit you regardless of your skin tone.these colours are known as 'universal spectrum' and belong to neither dark nor bright colour tone.the four universally flattening colours are:
1.egg plant
2.true red
3.indian teal
4.mellow rose.

read more here:

well that's it for now folks.gotta scat now.but first,did you know that Aug 13th is Lefthander's Day? and yes,i do give a damn since i'm one of the minority as well! :D that's three days from now.i answered a few questions posted by VOIZE and won a mystery prize.can't wait for it! meanwhile,i shall continue my game of Guitar Geek now while thinking of cherry blossom buds! toodles.

cherry blossom love affair INDEED!