Friday, July 10, 2009

Sepak Takraw,PPSMI & More Randomness

hey peeps! i can't update my blog that frequently anymore so i guess i'll jumble everything up under one post.i'll try not to mix them all up too much.

so one of the highlights these pass two days is the game of Sepak takraw (in fact,my first one within my 16 yrs of life) during was F.U.N! although i sucked but we had quite a time! hope to improve my skills and have a friendly match with my butts someday.yeah sure it's a guys game,but face it's the era of equality and you can see female cops and even firefighters.there's absolutely nothing that men can do but women can't these days! :D so,shameless to say,I LOVE SEPAK TAKRAW! haha!
next week should be hockey,according to our teacher.can't wait! it's been awhile since we had our physical education class considering the teacher's seldom in to teach us.

next up is the highlight on this totally hot issue argued almost all the time at not only the parliaments,but also at schools and kopitiams themselves.everything surfaced because of the suggestion to abolish PPSMI (in case you're wondering,it means learning & teaching maths and science in english).this is due to the low grades achieved by those students in the rural areas.but people,can't you see the big picture here?have you ever thought a little deeper and open up your minds a little wider?it's a pointless thing to do, colleges,you'll be learning these subjects in english therefore don't you think it's best to have a stable foundation by starting out young?abolishing the current system and replacing it with longer english periods won't do us students any good.the purpose of PPSMI is not mainly to improve english,it actually aims to prepare us Malaysians for further development in the field of science and i guess,i've made my point.i'm pretty sure most of you are behind me.

and probably..sigh..i've ran out of words to say more.let time tell.i'm just an ordinary girl who yearns for a happy ending like everybody else.hope this little anticipation will come to an end soon's a major suffering people.

oh,and by the way..

take a closer look.i guess calling him 'cikgu' kinda changed a lot of things.he doesnt only ask me about my guitar-playing skills progress,but also..he's watching over me @.@ LOL! but i love him still.JD rocks! long-live Pop Shuvit! hehe..

so that's all for now folks.till then,toodles.

breaking the habit.