Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween & This Is It

i forgot to wish all of you christian friends of mine a very happy belated halloween!
if i were to celebrate (or having to choose a costume) i would SO go out in this:

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS! he's so mysterious and dark yet so humble,sweet and shy! he's my kind of guy :D

and i saw this article on yahoo..Halloween at Obama's :D

a few days ago,i was working on Chantelle's birthday surprise video (she's an MFC-er,also a die-hard fan of my peter pan) along with videos contributed by Niamh,Hui Kings and took quite a while and it was a lot of work and the outcome:

the girls loved it! and chantelle is so sweet! she wanted to cheer me up so she made me this video,it was a coincidence by the way <3

indeed,we may differ in races (me being a malay,Hui Kings is from China,Niamh & Hamaila are from Texas and Chantelle is form the UK) but we are all united as one and love eachother a lot.there is so much love and care on the MFC,which exactly explains how much i can't resist a day without being on the forum,MJ's thread in particular.if only the world is similar to what is on the forum,everyone united as fighting,the world would be a better place.

well anyway,having my exam now and will be catching TII this saturday with friends and family.planning to dress up like MJ.hmmm..let's see what i can find in my wardrobe.looking for white gloves and masking tape though..