Friday, February 25, 2011

they may be gays but they're MY gays

they ain't gays,but i'd like to refer to them as such.IMO we call each other 'gays' as a sign of how close we,it sounds so much more comforting to say 'I hung out with the GAYS' rather than 'I hung out with the GUYS' to avoid being called a slut.but anyway,we are really gay sometimes.but isn't everyone? :D they laugh like girls,they gossip,they squeal,so hanging out with them wasn't as awkward as most people would think.but the best part is,they dislike shopping as much as i do,so we pretty much loiter around the mall pointlessly to kill time until we finally found what to do with ourselves while waiting for our movie to start.guess what?Jerin's initial suggestion was to get us into a karaoke booth(session's on him),but of course,none of our plans ever we played pool instead.needless to say that Jerin and I sucked! ahaha. can we please keep the 'flying white ball' incident between you (my readers) and me? hehe.

it's all about style,baby.

after pool,we went to see the so-called thriller movie,The Rite.there were a few shocker scenes that almost made us jump out of our seats,but all in all,the movie was just hype.nothing special,except the fact that the priest-to-be Michael Kovak (played by Colin O'Donoghue) is actually too hot to be a priest,pfftt... whyyyyy D:

see what i mean?!

anyway,i was saving the best for last :) if you need a smile,take a look and this will totally made your day as much as it made mine.

do you know what forever is now? :') awwwww...