Sunday, May 3, 2009


these few days had been pretty hard on me,everything was against's like standing in the middle of a battlefield,being shot from all angles.i have no where to run,no where to support,no makes me wonder why people are not thankful for what they have,for the fact that i don't.they have everything they need,weapons,reinforcement.i barely have a stable ground to stand on.keep on thinking that i've chosen the wrong path and ahead of me is a dead is the fear to explore is the fault that hinders me from moving on.which one do you think has more risk,staying while you know the danger of doing so,or moving on to a place where your future remains unknown?it is a choice to be made,and so a choice i SHALL make.i will be moving on,slowly..not as confident as before.the haunting flashbacks of yesterdays yet accompany me,and i am left confused in the maze of my own thoughts.lying to myself wasnt smart,it only gets me further into guilt and endless confusion,i should be wound is bleeding wild and there's no remedy to it unless i heal it myself.having the knowledge that i am not standing alone is one of the best medicines,yet i have yet to find it.when will this quest ever end?