Friday, May 22, 2009


I'll Believe It When I See It II

The first sight of you was what it takes to change my life..

Never in my whole life have i ever felt this way before about anyone.There was something about you that caught my eyes..

It made me try too hard sometimes.It took awhile..

But in the end,we finally got along pretty well.

but the worst part,it got a little carried away~

then you seem to notice it,even without me telling you about could read me like a book,eventhough how hard i tried to hide what i keep deep always know there's something wrong when i'm all different from the usual.

you always know how to put a smile on my face,turning that big frown upside down..

you were there when i need you,to listen to my every whine anytime.

you showed and told me of things i never knew of..

and that's why i will always have that space for you in my heart..

-sad no more.


Exam Fever

sorry for this yet again cheesy post to start off another regular nagging on an ordinary exam day.everything gone well,except the fact that i forgot to read the damn bio question!! that's what you get if your let your heart win,haha.i keep on trusting my instincts by assuming that i had to do all the questions while i only had to choose two! there were four,ahh..stupid me.whtever,what's the past will remain the past,not like i can twist the time right?

-into the exam blues.