Monday, November 14, 2011

You're Already The Voice Inside My Head

recognize the quotes from somewhere?heck yeah you're right! they're lines from one of my favorite songs,"I Miss You" by Blink 182.I've been wondering what the significance of the names were about,and I finally found out sometime this year,it's the names of the lovebirds from Nightmare Before Christmas! I'm not quite sure about the storyline of the movie,it's an old one,almost my age,and is a masterpiece of the great Tim Burton,so i doubt that it would suck in any way.finally managed to download the full movie,i'll watch it tomorrow woohoo! some say it's a romantic yet twisted version of the Grinch,that should be interesting I guess.the dark theme somehow attracted me in so many a matter of fact,i'm more into horror movies lately.I'm also planning to download and re-watch The Jurassic Park Trilogy,Jeepers Creepers,Friday the 13th and some other new movies I have yet to browse for.dear internet,please be nice to me.I have too many things in mind to download,LOL.

p/s: I miss you so bad it actually hurts sometimes.Although i don't talk to you,it doesn't mean i don't care.I'm just glad you're doing well,and it's good to see you online.It lets me know indirectly that you're still in good shape and the right state of health.I really wanna spend more time with you,because you're in the "maybe leaving next year" hurts to know all these will end soon.I need something I could use to remember you by,please? in return,i'll give you something to remember me by,that is,if you still want to.