Thursday, February 24, 2011

FML - Fudge.My.Life

ain't he hot? heheh my Teddy Geiger :)

back to the main topic.the title says it all.can't wait till i turn my legal age,but then again,will it make any difference even if i have?sure,when i was 15 i keep saying that turning 18 means freedom,and by that it means no curfew,no homework,no school-day restrictions and the fact that i can finally live my rockstar dream and drive a car.too bad life's not always how you want it to be.but at least,three out of five is good enough.there are no homework for me to ponder about anymore,there are no such things as weekend anymore since everyday seems like a Sunday to me,and i'm on my way to drive a car soon.and what i DID NOT expect at all is ending my school life no longer single,like wow! i'm overwhelmed really.i thought,after that little unrequited love soap opera,never again.i dodged a lot of potential relationships,even minor crushes.believe you me,i'm not as strong as i claim to be.i seem to fall quite a number of times,although not as major as my previous unsuccessful love story.can't believe this one actually made it.FML!

oh wait,there's actually more reasons for me to exclaim as being one of the oddest days of my life,seriously's neither depressing nor amusing,it's just plain weird.yesterday was the same,although different occurrences took place.let's start with what happened yesterday and how it all started.

FML 1#: i finally managed to pwn the driving circuit,and i memorized all the formulae needed to master it.but i made new mistakes in the parallel parking section.

FML 2#: my possible first gig turned into a gigantic let-down,reason being the organizers were such an ass to inform CJ that they wanted an acoustic show,so okay then,on the brightside,i no longer have the pressure of learning 4 new songs in one night,and also,i no longer have to worry about whether or not the RXF fans will be happy about my first appearance in the band,in spite of being merely a sessionist.we planned to hang out instead,but of course,all plans were ruined.

FML 3#: today,i attempted to tweet Billie Joe for the 5th time and got super upset he ignored my tweet and replied others.(pathetic i know,i didn't say i wasn't) then i came to realize that my Twitter is private,therefore if he doesn't follow me,there's no way he could ever see my tweets.once i un-privatized my account,he's already gone from twitter.

FML 4#: i broke off from my YM buddies telling them i have to hit the sack early,only to find out a few minutes later that i have no reason to sleep early.driving classes weren't until Friday.

yes i know,i'm a loser,SHOOT ME.just SHOOT ME.

now that reminds me,..any CSI fans reading this?i have just found another concrete motive of becoming a die-hard fan of CSI.

Ha Ha you're DEAD!

ok i won't lie,i do find Justin Bieber a LITTLE adorable,but he still sounds like a girl.he's practically killing the music scene.damnnn..and yeah he doesn't deserve to be shot dead but just admit it haters,doesn't it just make you smile to see his character dead on TV? hehehehe i'm not heartless people,excuse meee... i find it as a wait,i find JB as a JOKE! seriously.i apologize to his screaming teenage girl fans.i'm still stuck in the punk rock era,and i'm not coming out :)

in the words of Smash Mouth in their song "All Star" (i'm old-fashioned,so what?)
"Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid
And all that glitters is gold
Only shooting stars break the mold"

i don't know why am i going through this series of music addiction.must be all the late-nights and amount of caffeine consumption/sugar rush i've been having lately.i knew not having a job will turn me into a sloppy lazy ass -_- i'm a freaking insomniac for goodness sake! it's safe to say that i'm as hyper as Tre' Cool now.

for some strange reason,suddenly homophobia is no longer
in my vocabulary upon viewing this very shot of them.
is it because i know they smoke weed and are too hot to be
punished? sigh...