Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh shit... I'm In Love

let's run through this check list:

1.You have lasting dreams between you and another person.Check

2.You start blushing and smiling when you see them.Check

3.You want to know everything about them and their ways from all angles.You talk to them continually, share your ideas and your enjoyable times and events together. Check

4.You want to introduce them to everyone and to show them what you have found and are developing together.You always want to talk about them to your friends.Check

5.You have understanding for one another and know when something is wrong, like something pressing on the mind of the other.

6.You spend as much time as possible with each other, and don't want to be apart.

7.You want to do anything to make them happy

8.You feel like you're flying when he/she holds your hand.Check

9.You feel like you're in heaven when he/she kisses you.

10.You think to yourself "If no one is perfect, I'd like to know what his/her imperfections are!Check

11.You can't help but smile when you see him/her.Check

12.You don't feel embarrassed around them.Check

13.You're confident around them and not scared to talk to them.Check

14.You're not scared to admit you love them.

15.You smile every time you hear their name.Check

16.You get really excited when you talk to them and maybe you would't dare to look into their eyes.Check

17.You feel empty when they dont talk to you.Check

18.You'll desperately look around for him or her.Check

19.You become very happy when you found something similiar with him or her.Check

20.You'll treasure a gift that he or she has given to you, even a very small gift.

21.You can take a trip together and wish it would never end.Check

22.You constantly want to be with him or her.Check

23.When you're with them you have no other doubts of who you want to be with or where you want to be, because right there.. it seems like you're in heaven.Check

24.You want nothing but to be with them. Check

25.You're thinking about them right now...Check

overall score : 19 checks out of 25.

so in other words,we might not understand each other's minds yet,(or ..ehem..nevermind) but i know now this isn't just a rebound crush.this is a serious shit.meanwhile,let's see if my theory's right.

btw,this is my first ever cover with Dex as a band,Dex & Yana. enjoy :)