Friday, May 20, 2011

[insert name] went from "in a relationship" to "in an open relationship".

Esah Ezral likes this.

LOL! that's because she seems to be the only one who comprehends the whole concept of be perfectly honest,i'm not good in this relationship game,i always encounter a win or lose situation,followed by a temporary glory then an unexpected defeat.there's no win-win situation when it comes to matters relating to the heart,and of course,be it a one-sided or a mutual one,i'll always be the one screwing up.this is why i decided to bungee jump myself into the conclusion that maybe i'm not fated to be with anyone (at the mo).notice the word BUNGEE before the word 'Jump'.i can always rebound from my little theory,after all,rules ARE made to be broken aite?i might be right and i might also be wrong.

"In an Open Relationship" basically means someone is currently seeing a particular individual,who may or may not have been holding on to his/her heart but is in the 'potential list'.let's put it this way,the relationship is still in its trial period,and both parties are just getting to know each strings attached just yet,and if they're not happy together,they can always go for other dates with other people.some may look at this the negative way,considering how it seems like you're trying to be a player or worst still,assume that you have a fear for commitments.however,in another way,it's beneficial because they have wider options and will be able to analyze more characters before they meet their magic man/lady.relationships don't just work with two people having similar feelings for each other,it's way more complicated than that.sure,you may like him/her today so much that all their flaws remain invisible to you,but imagine,what if reality strikes you in the ass?how will you react?what if that person is not what meets the eye?is it too late to back out?i was happy with my choice of withdrawing from my so-called dream guy.we're just not meant for each other,and i'm glad i came to that realization soon enough.i may be blamed for being too choosy,i should realize that Mr Perfect just doesn't man can ever fulfill ALL the requirements in a girl's list.BUT this is a good way of seeing the picture,widening my horizon in a sense that i'll understand life better and will finally meet my prince.i don't expect him to be perfect,all i want is a shoulder to channel all my problems to and to share all my hopes and joys with.i've met too many self-centered gentlemen who refuse to understand how busy i can get sometimes.i DON'T want you to be clingy,it shows how insecure you are.i just need someone to talk to,someone who would actually listen to my words rather than my voice,someone who empathizes me without the need of explaining to them in detail,THAT's my Mr Right.

Perhaps CJ does have a point,i should look for someone older than me.hmmmm... any takers? HAHAH.kidding,am not that desperate.

i didn't know Adrienne Nesser's Lebanese?

wonder when will I have my own Billie Joe? hihi.

Flap Your Wings and Fly

wow,i've abandoned this blog for AGES,reason being my tight schedule and lack of excitement in life.time has come for me to write something down now that i'm inspired
can you believe that we're 18? can you believe that we've reached the age we've always wanted to be?can you believe we're actually gonna be facing (or in my case,already facing) the hyped out college life we've been overly-informed of when we were under-aged? this is it people.UPSR was total BS,PMR was meant to scare you,SPM was an actual beginning and THIS,is what we call the real shit.this is our future,it determines whether or not we will get to live our dreams and aspirations.notice how everyone's venturing to different paths?there's no such thing as learning unnecessary stuff anymore(unless you're going for matriculation programs,i'm talking foundation or diploma here) and no more copying your friend's homework.all the attitudes we used  to have in school need to be discarded and substituted with new's a whole different environment,believe you me,even though my uni is only half an hour from my house,i still feel the different atmosphere's more or less the same,be it private or public.

we had a farewell party today (this time it was for them,not me).it was hella fun despite not having everyone turn up.i couldn't say much,i might just end up crying out the held back tears.i'm fighting this emotion,i want all my best friends to hard as it is for me to let them go their own ways,far from home,i have to remain's their future and their choices,i need to respect that.sure,i'll miss them,but we all have to go separate ways in one way or another one day.all i can say is,good luck and strive for the best! i love you guys,and i'll miss you a heap.make us proud.may we meet again someday,with everyone having a Degree in their hands!

 the only pic from my phone that turned out nice, -.-'
 i'll especially miss you.there's not a secret we keep from each other :')

 LOL ~~ nice choice of colors :D

idk why i love this one so much.