Friday, March 26, 2010


demmit demmit demmit!!!!!!!!!!!

i wanna go so badly!!!!!!!! but i promised my mom no more outings.if only..if ONLY!!! demmit i'm freaking out is so unfair :( i highly doubt i can ever go,unless the stars decide to fall on my laps.if only there's a golden ticket of some sort,or a competition i could win,so i'd get an all-expense paid trip to singapore,one night would be enough.watching mika live is a thrill,let alone meeting him.i don't really hope to meet him,that would be hard to be done,but i've always dreamt of watching his genius up close and's too bad it's in singapore,i might just stand a chance if it's in KL for instance.

hmmm... :(

p/s: did i mention i lost my camera the other day? major bummer.i hate this week.

And The Story Goes.. - Part 3

(what??still??? well yeah,if it isn't wishful thinking,it isn't leanna scarlet,heheh)

well for the pass few days,there hasn't been much of a highlight between lana and alex,it's more to lana and ben.

we were walking up the stairs,heading lazily and hastily towards the library.we were forced to stay within the school compound until school officially ends at 1.40pm,which actually we were walking and talking,we finally came to a stop,where we had to open our shoes and and place our bags by the side of the i was arranging my bags,i saw alex putting his bag near to mine.once again,i trembled as his eyes met was magical,almost as miraculous as lying on the tender grass,staring blankly at the floating diamonds in the sky.his eyes were undeniably mesmerizing,and there was no doubt why i totally fell for him the moment i set foot into the new town.if only i could smile,even a half smile would do to tell him the very least regarding what's going on in my heart when in his presence.

however,the moment fizzled all out of a sudden when ben showed up.he gave me a slight shook on my bag and requested to meet me,ALONE,after tuition class.i pretended not to hear him,and i went to my the look of my pale face and rounded eyes,they knew what i was about to ask them.obviously the WHOLE CLASS heard what ben asked me.they said they've never seen me so terrified before.we sat on a table,in a circle,making assumptions,one after another.i remained silent and speechless,until a substitute teacher joined our little conversation.he's a young gentleman,a few years older than us.desperate,i asked for his assumption was the fact that ben was trying to confess and propose me to be his girlfriend.i wanted to know what's the best way to reject a guy without offending him.ridiculous but true.many advice were given,some funny,some overrated and some just didn't make sense.i didn't know what more to do.i waited,and waited and waited...

ling was slightly jumping and smiling until her cheeks turned red.she excitedly approached me and told me that she finally knew which one alex was.meanwhile,i was torn between meeting ben or running away from time was running out,i decided to do the latter.i pulled Ling from her seat and tried to take the was extremely hilarious how the elevator held a grudge against me,refusing to go up in time for me to escape from ben.i was really thankful i still had enough strength to rush down the stairs although the building was 3 storeys was pretty much a work-out for me,but i didn't mind.i wanted to RUN RUN RUN! Ling was a bit confused,until i explained to her the reason i did that while running.i didn't even care if max was in front of us,he wouldn't know whom i was referring to,so i had not much things to worry of.once i reached the ground floor,i literally ran towards my mom's car,and i was safe.i saw ben standing by the sidewalk,staring as my car drove was a major really that i stood him up. never ends.the situation haunted me in my sleep.i dreamt that the next day,ben confronted me and asked for my excuse of that little the same time alex was there,demanding the truth about whom i was in love with.i couldn't help but just stare into his eyes,hoping he would understand.the dream kept on repeating until it almost drove me nuts.i knew i said a couple of names in my sleep,what a disease.

i was more worried of ben's reaction rather than my marks,how crazy is that?well my marks aren't half bad,there are a couple of unsuspecting results,as of now:
Eng - 90
Maths- 90
Islam - 90
Physics -79
Chem - 79
Bio - 86
Addmaths - 73
Est - 65 (wahahahaha)
Sej - 88 (wtf??? i expected lower but thank God,hehe)
now we're down to BM.again,i expect a major flop..LOL.

enough about the grades,let's get back to the two stooges,ben and alex.i saw them by the side of the PA system at the assembly spot.they looked sillier than ever.they stood there,helpless,not knowing whetheror not to approach me.they whispered to each other when i was a few meters away,heading towards them.ily,deila,syeira and nizar were my faithful bodyguards of the day.they surrounded me and formed some sort of human barrier,in their finest attempt to protect me from any ben-ful was funny in a way but sweet.i highly appreciate their loyalty.i know now that i will never walk alone. :)

the rest of the days were ordinary,if you don't count the number of encounters and wonderful eye contacts between lana and alex that is :)

so that's about it.till then..

to be continued..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blame It On The Girls Global Dance Event Malaysia - Outcome

i'm not gonna say anything,just watch.hahaha

overall,we felt the energy form all over the globe and we have a feeling mika will love this! congrats to all for the hardwork and diligence!

Malaysian MFC Rep

Signs That I'm In Love ... Part 2

i've lost count since my last post,so i figured it wouldn't be too irrelevant to start over my count with new facts. know i'm in love when i seem to take random pictures everywhere.when i say everywhere i mean EVERYWHERE,ANYTIME,ANYHOW.any beautiful view will remind me of you.and sometimes,i was hoping you'd appear among the random shots.

2.i constantly look out the window to see if you're there,eventhough sometimes it's near to impossible.

3. last but not least,the most significant of all reaction on every encounter.i am rather infamous for my ability of walking on thin planks to cross from one building to another,but never have i the guts to chase off the butterflies in my stomach when in your every'll show on my face,in one way or another,either i turn away,or i blush while trying to act calm.

that's it.if you think you've seen any of these signs on me,let me know.i'll slap myself out of it,haha.

the sapphire eyes.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Signs That I'm In Love ... Part 1

i'm a predictable person,my personality is as expressive as can be,so these are among obvious signs to tell whether or not i'm in love.(and i'm afraid that these signs are starting to show themselves as the days go by)

1.whenever i do work,i'll try to do the best i can.i'll make up an effort to basically complete it as fast and as perfect as possible,but now that i'm in love,that diligence of mine is sometimes simultaneous with the occasional smile on my,not those maniac smiles,more to the dreamy kind of smile.STILL FOCUSED! but not as nerdy.

2.i usually play my music to myself,and find it hard to write about something.when i'm in love,inspiration just flows in like a stream of comes pouring in like it's guitar will be played non-stop,mostly at places where i can face the greenery and fresh air!

to be continued...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Need Kick-Ass to be My Superman

*this story is based entirely on truth and nothing penniman city.

i was wandering the streets,with a rose in my hand,given to me by a tall gentleman with curly hair.i couldn't catch his name as he was too shy.he had this pair of glasses that looked pretty much like peter parker's.

suddenly,i saw him,being beaten up by a bunch of was a fierce fight,he was tossed against the wall,his face bled and he was practically i wished i learnt self-defense.all i could do was put on the alarm tone on my phone to scare the thugs then,he was unconcious.

i approached him,tapped his shoulders gently.if i wouldn't have known better,i might say he's no longer alive.i was clearly wrong.he was strong.he arose,slightly panting and curling himself in pain.but he got up,and managed to stand.

he thanked me for being concern,and decided to go after the person who first attempted to rescue him.he ran up the stairs despite the blood on his knees,and spontaneously sang this song ..

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong

We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees

We could rule the world
On a silver platter
From the wrong to the right light
To an open stream

With a crash and burn
We could make it better
Turn it upside down
Just you and me

We are the dream
No other way
To be

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong

We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees

I could change the world
I could make it better
Kick it up and down
Take a chance on me

When you fake a smile
And you think you're better
Gonna put it down
Rip (?) it at your feet

No bridge to burn
Nowhere to turn
For me

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong

We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees

What do they know about us?
Are they thinking of somebody else?
Are they wondering what we might be?
Are they thinking of you or of me?

We are young
We are strong
We're not looking for where we belong

We're not cool
We are free
And we're running with blood on our knees

Lol..Don't you just love the new soundtrack for the upcoming movie 'Kick-Ass'??

mika,be my kick-ass pls <3

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blame It On The Girls Global Dance Event Malaysia - text report

OMG that was the craziest thing we've ever done!!!

the participants were down to three,but we were determined to do it on the street.everything was perfect at first,we rehearsed in a fast food outlet,adjusted the top view shot and recruited a few random strangers to join in.unfortunately the radio we used wasn't loud enough,lucky for us,we realised that before we started dancing.but it was a bit of a spoiler for the intro shot where we pose at different was even worse when the authorities came to raid a few vendors there,we got totally worried.but then again,thanks to nikjass' brilliant idea and persuasion skills,we managed to get a better audio (she drove her car infront of the venue and blasted her radio) AND talked the authorities into letting us do the flash mob for 5minutes! :biggrin2: dancing on the streets was radical! the shufflers sort of flirted with the three of us,but that kind of adds up to the scene.the cars slowed down to see us dance :roftl:
the shot was pretty screwed in the end,but overall it was fun fun fun!
we need to do some editing before we submit the footage though.

pictures and footages will be uploaded soon,stay tuned!

Friday, March 12, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 3

i was running late,i ran up the stairs to the night class,late as throat was partly contracting now and then,it didn't hurt,it just caused me to cough must have been the ice cream i had from the vendor after didn't bother me much in the class.

as usual,i'll use the elevator instead of the staircase despite the fact that the tuition center is only 3 levels high.the elevator was almost full as alex appeared all out of a sudden.he stared me right into the eyes,partly stopping my heart beat as we know it,..he randomly asked me 'are you ill?' awkward.he NEVER said hi to me before,as a matter of fact,he treated me like a wall.often ignoring my existence and such,but now?he's suddenly concern? i don't think i'll ever understand him.

Wednesday,10th march ,12.55pm
the moment was short and sweet,i didn't exactly expect to see him nearby.i'm not saying he's responding to my inner feelings either.i was loitering with ily and the usual gang,doing what girls do best,minding our own business when Alex and Ben appeared.they sat right beside our bags.oh perfect! just perfect..i didn't want that to happen,simply because i've never had the guts to cover my inner feelings for him.Alex shifted from one place to another,he teleported himself from near my bags to somewhere opposite it.i tried to act natural.i talked to syira and deila,trying to keep my eyes away from him.a few boys formed a visual barrier between him and me,which was a major sigh of relief,at least for me.nevertheless,it didn't stop Alex from acting weird.i could've sworn i saw him bending his body and neck to stare at something in my direction (i wouldn't want to assume anything just yet).i turned behind,and all I saw was just a bunch of kids going into a van.when he realised that i saw him staring at something,he turned away..again...i wonder why?

Thursday,11th march,10.35am
it was the day when all the spm candidates of 2009 couldn't sleep,eat or digest their food properly,all because of the results they were going to obtain.once again,my highlight is more to the 'alexy' side of the story.i knew his main intentions were to meet the seniors,but does he have to stand near my group all the time?he was in front of us,assumed coincidently at first but after awhile,i started to think that he had a second intention for doing he leaned against the wall exactly beside where i was sitting,talk about weird huh?i swear,i couldn't eat and my words were beyond my control.i couldn't act natural as i usually do.

Friday,12th march
no sign of him.another plain day.Mr Loke was late for class due to the traffic jam outside.i predicted Alex might have encountered the same problem,on account of he didn't show up at all.i hate to say this but i kind of miss him...

well,i guess that wraps up part 3 of the story.tomorrow MFC Malaysia will be hosting a flash mob in bukit bintang.hmm..not too sure,i have so many worries and doubts.the participants seem to back out at the very last minute,our last hope are the buskers,shufflers and breakdancers on the streets.i have my fingers crossed.let's just hope the team won't end up in a gorup of 3,4 is fine nonetheless.

reports will be up soon,wish me luck!

love love you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 2

i bumped into him,TWICE! once in the hallway,the other is on my way out for recess.Alex had really gotten to me.Lex Lex..when will you ever know.

Ily,Syira and I decided to hang out at the bus stop for awhile,get some ice cream and gossip before we head i was looking for a place to put my bags,he was there.Alex stood,leaning against the wall with his slouching posture.he can no longer cover his physical flaws without the black blazer on,it was only his yellow shirt and blue tie,nonetheless,once the heart is stolen,nothing can get in the way of total admiration.i don't know why.i don't think he has any super powers.he's not exactly an athlete nor a musician,yet there's something about him that makes him special.must be his shyness?hmmm..or maybe not.there was one incident that i could recall,Ily showing me some pictures form the previous years and Alex spontaneously approached us and violently flipped through the album,unaware that the pages might get paper cuts all over my nose.

i came in to tuition awfully late as usual,being cursed to become a virgin till age 30 by mr zeelen,LOL.who gives a jam.the highlight of tonight is not the class,but what happens during it and right after.the tables were arranged in a different position,so more people could sit in ironic thing is the fact that Alex preferred to sit waaaaaaaaaaayyy back,under the airconditioning vent,isolated.when asked,he said he liked the cold.thus,the nickname Father Christmas XDD well,to be honest,he's not as nice as santa.he tried to lock us in and turned off the lights when the class was over,LMAO.i think that might be the reason i like him? again,i don't know.

i saw Alex and Ben sitting together.they must have something on.i need to find out,SOON!

to be continued...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mika Coke Bottle

i know how my fandom and fanaticism can get ahead of my mental stability but just look at this coke bottle!! dangittt,i wish i was french.look how cool it costs 37euros (equivalent to rm 168.60) including tax but not too sure about might cost me a good deal of rm200) *dies*.wonder if anyone is generous enough to lend me such amount? XDD i'd be happy to pay them back once i get a parttime job after spm.

wait i should's too crazy,lol.


EDIT: requested Idd to get it for me,hah! ;)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sir Mika!

i was about to continue my little overrated love story but i stumbled upon this article instead:

Mika Knighted in Paris
MIKA has secretly been knighted in Paris, but don’t tell the French because he’s already lost the medal.

The pop lord – our biggest export across the channel – has been given the rare Knight in the Order of Arts for services to music.

Sir Mika, 26, revealed: “I’m a knight, but nobody knows about it. About a month ago I was one of the youngest people to ever be made a chevalier in France. It goes after my name, Mika chevalier des arts.”

The singer joins an elite band of artists honoured with the prestigious Gallic prize including Kylie Minogue, 41, and George Clooney, 48.

Only problem is he has lost the priceless gong on the streets of London somewhere. “It’s a metal medal with a tiny little green ribbon, but the first night I wore it I lost it.

“I lost it outside my flat. I spent 45 minutes by the Tube station looking for it, literally on my hands and knees.

“My sister bumped into me on the street and said: ‘What the f*** are you doing” and I had to say: ‘Looking for my knighthood’.She thought I was crazy.”

Anyone in the Gloucester Road area of London who stumbles upon a small medal knows who it belongs to.

Mika also admitted he’s been writing No 1 hits for Italian pop stars under a pseudonym.

He said: “I’ve written a lot of songs under pseudonyms, mostly girls names. Alice, for example, has written many hits in different countries.

“I did one song for Jovanotti. He’s Italy’s biggest pop star and plays stadiums over there. He had a very big hit with my song.” Does that make him Dame Alice, then?


what next?his coronation?

And The Story Goes.. - Part 1


i was caught up in the blissful unaware,until the not-so-annoying alarm rang.'Touches You' got me dancing up to my toes and straight to the bathroom to wash up.iad a dream last night,a rather strange one.i dreamt that i was forced to confess to him,but his so-called best friend got in the's a scenario i would never want to be in when it comes to real life.and off to school i go..

still no sign of him.where is he?? sigh...i walked to my class,disappointed..but wait,who's that in the corner? i turned.oh no,i think my heart just skipped a beat,is that you?...yes,it was.standing there,leaning against the wall,joking with your friends.i need not to talk to you for the sight of you alone will be able to make my day.and so i took a brief glance and turned away from you,for fear that you might notice.the rest of the morning was as ordinary as can be.

this is the part when the story gets interesting.i thought my every morning encounter with him is enough,but no,God had much bigger plans in i went up the stairs,there he was again,tying the laces of his shoes.i pretended to talk to syira,ignoring his presence.when i almost passed him,he looked up and had this tricky smile on his face.he then called upon his friend,telling him to hurry.of course,that was never a good sign,for this friend of his,is obsessed with,i do not appreciate such obsession at all,it's plainly overrated,almost worse than falling for someone you don't know.syira and i attempted to run upstairs,straight into the physics lab but we were too late.there he stood,like a grizzly bear staring at its prey.we avoided his way,but somehow he was squeezing at me,despite the notion that there's more space left on the other side of the stairway.obviously that wasn't a smart move was it?it annoyed me,entirely.

let's give a name to these two peas in a pod.the charming one,who's causing all the butterflies to flutter around in my stomach is Alex and the particularly big gentleman who's obsessed with me is Ben.little did the dynamic duo know that they are now trapped in a love triangle.

to be continued...

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Thousand Miles - Vannessa Carlton

- Vanessa Carlton Lyrics

falling into the sky,landing in front of..?

A Thousand Miles - Vannessa Carlton

- Vanessa Carlton Lyrics

falling into the sky,landing in front of..?