Friday, March 12, 2010

And The Story Goes.. - Part 3

i was running late,i ran up the stairs to the night class,late as throat was partly contracting now and then,it didn't hurt,it just caused me to cough must have been the ice cream i had from the vendor after didn't bother me much in the class.

as usual,i'll use the elevator instead of the staircase despite the fact that the tuition center is only 3 levels high.the elevator was almost full as alex appeared all out of a sudden.he stared me right into the eyes,partly stopping my heart beat as we know it,..he randomly asked me 'are you ill?' awkward.he NEVER said hi to me before,as a matter of fact,he treated me like a wall.often ignoring my existence and such,but now?he's suddenly concern? i don't think i'll ever understand him.

Wednesday,10th march ,12.55pm
the moment was short and sweet,i didn't exactly expect to see him nearby.i'm not saying he's responding to my inner feelings either.i was loitering with ily and the usual gang,doing what girls do best,minding our own business when Alex and Ben appeared.they sat right beside our bags.oh perfect! just perfect..i didn't want that to happen,simply because i've never had the guts to cover my inner feelings for him.Alex shifted from one place to another,he teleported himself from near my bags to somewhere opposite it.i tried to act natural.i talked to syira and deila,trying to keep my eyes away from him.a few boys formed a visual barrier between him and me,which was a major sigh of relief,at least for me.nevertheless,it didn't stop Alex from acting weird.i could've sworn i saw him bending his body and neck to stare at something in my direction (i wouldn't want to assume anything just yet).i turned behind,and all I saw was just a bunch of kids going into a van.when he realised that i saw him staring at something,he turned away..again...i wonder why?

Thursday,11th march,10.35am
it was the day when all the spm candidates of 2009 couldn't sleep,eat or digest their food properly,all because of the results they were going to obtain.once again,my highlight is more to the 'alexy' side of the story.i knew his main intentions were to meet the seniors,but does he have to stand near my group all the time?he was in front of us,assumed coincidently at first but after awhile,i started to think that he had a second intention for doing he leaned against the wall exactly beside where i was sitting,talk about weird huh?i swear,i couldn't eat and my words were beyond my control.i couldn't act natural as i usually do.

Friday,12th march
no sign of him.another plain day.Mr Loke was late for class due to the traffic jam outside.i predicted Alex might have encountered the same problem,on account of he didn't show up at all.i hate to say this but i kind of miss him...

well,i guess that wraps up part 3 of the story.tomorrow MFC Malaysia will be hosting a flash mob in bukit bintang.hmm..not too sure,i have so many worries and doubts.the participants seem to back out at the very last minute,our last hope are the buskers,shufflers and breakdancers on the streets.i have my fingers crossed.let's just hope the team won't end up in a gorup of 3,4 is fine nonetheless.

reports will be up soon,wish me luck!

love love you.

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