Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why K-Pop Isn't My Thing

Kpop fans I'm warning you,you wouldn't like this so feel free to proceed elsewhere if you can't bear to hear your idols being ditched by me. Otherwise, stay and hear me out.Just a message to people out there who think they can get through me when I clearly said I'm into Western music.

I've always been known as 'that rocker chic who plays guitar and is obsessed with all things punk', so much so that it's like my middle name now. It's not like I have a reputation to uphold, but I really do live up to that certain lengthy middle name people have been giving me.I know,not all rockers dislike Kpop, but really,ever since my friends in Muar started to get into all things Korean, I found myself to be a bit left out.YES I did enjoy Winter Sonata,Autumn in My Heart and Full House,they each have their strengths in terms of storyline, but that's just the soap operas. Let's get to the music. The ballads are undeniably soothing and placed at the right moments of the stories to toy around with our emotions, then again there was this thing called Kpop. I thought,okay since I wanna be a musician,why not give it a whirl and be a universal music appreciator. I tried listening to it,and also googled for pictures of the Kpop stars which my friends had deemed as 'hot',clearly I wasn't into it at all.It's been years and I haven't budged from my stand of being on the non-Kpop fan side.And now people are trying hard to get me to like it -.- dude seriously? I was entirely annoyed enough seeing B2ST live at MTV World Stage because they took too much time and made me wait so long for Neon Trees and 30 Seconds to Mars to perform. Let me clarify the exact reasons pertaining to why I can never become a KPop fan.

  1. Weak vocals - I'm in no way competent to judge one's singing due to my insufficient level of singing capabilities but to me, if you struggle to reach a note,you're too nasal to the point of shouting, you can't sing. Not only do they have such pitching problems, they also have breathing weaknesses and their vocals always sound too airy for my liking.The girls are high pitched in a very disturbing way,something that reminds me of why I hate Vanessa Hudgens. Their songs are bloody easy to sing in spite of the fact they had to juggle singing and dancing on stage, it's never an excuse to suck.
  2. Annoying tunes and beats. - This speaks for itself. They use such irritating sounds and effects. Listening to the intro of their songs alone is torture for me, too much of synth and all these unnecessary artificial beats,not to mention excessive usage of autotune.
  3. Silly lyrics. - Stuff like "ratatatata" "dandaratantam" and "ring ding dong" dafuq is that?? What do they even mean? Songs are supposed to express your emotions, rambling out random syllables just don't cut it.Why do I cope with Gaga instead? It's because as trashy as her music sounds,she compensates with her highly empowered vocals, not to mention her enthusiastic charisma on stage.
  4. Pointless scenes in the MV's. - The song is about a girl,but the intro of the MV shows a few guys,shirtless,breaking out into some heartbreak dance routine and splashing in unison. You can barely tell the relation between the songs and their supposedly complementing MV. As for the girls, it's a must to laugh and make duckfaces at each other.
  5. Cliche' dance routines - Chest thrust, open jacket, something like shuffling but in a faster tempo, open glasses,throw stuff till they shatter when they hit the wall. Yes,very nice.Very sexy. Why am I not turned on? Coz they're lame and almost the same everytime.That's for the guys,as for the girls, wear hot pants or short skirts,show off lovely lady legs, move that curves,Wow.. seriously,is this art?
  6. Too pretty/ too much fashion emphasis - Needless to say their style is overrated, their clothes are too fancy for their capabilities. i understand the fact that they're celebrities and are somewhat trend setters, but overdressing gets you nowhere,love.
  7. Trying too hard to exaggerate cuteness - Koreans are naturally adorable, if they don't try too hard. Puffing your cheeks? Plastic surgery? Excessive makeup? Absurd hairstyles? Duckface? Dressing up like 5-year-olds? You gotta do better than that.
  8. They all look the same - Self-explanatory. To this day I can never tell them apart,let alone tell which members are which in individual groups.I find it freaky.
  9. Too mainstream - When it gets famous,it gets overrated.When it gets overrated,it sucks. Simple math.
  10. Their fanbase goes overboard ALL THE DAMN TIME - Not all of them,I was just annoyed by the very few that somewhat worship these bands. Sure it's okay to simply paste the posters in our bedroom or change your fb profile picture to their photos, but seriously dude, I got shoved and squished by Kpop fans who wanna see B2ST the other day,not only did they physically abuse me,they also SHOUTED in my ears the lyrics of the kpop songs, and shrieked at every muscle the kpop stars moved.It was such a torture. As much as enthralled as I was to see Simple Plan,I didn't remember harassing people with my fandom. I simply cannot stand them at all. Fangirling is a normal thing but really, don't go overboard. Other people wanna see the show too. Don't hog the audience space for yourselves,be considerate.
Guess I've proven my point now.


Pre-birthday, Birthday & Post-birthday Adventures

Oh my.. wonder how long has it been since I last updated ? I don't know what exactly have I been doing with my life but it's very likely that I end up too tired to think of ways to tell my stories here,so I apologize for my absence. To be perfectly honest,I'm very overwhelmed with the number of blog views I have since I last dropped an update here! So I guess here's a gift to my darling readers,an all-in-one post to compensate the adventures I've been leaving untold. So here's what I owe you, let's drop the descriptive part for awhile but I'll try to include as much detail as possible.

26th February: Walkathon 

Waking up as early as 4am after a mere one-hour bedtime is not the best idea I've ever had. It felt like a hangover, except I wasn't drunk, just ultimately exhausted from sleep deprivation. My insomnia is indeed incurable for some weird reason. So I walked into the cold shower and got dressed, prayed,and waited for Sheeqa to come and pick me up, Apparently we waited for subuh prayers to pass before we proceeded to Mont Kiara to pick her friends up. The view of KL City was magnificent, the twilight sky and the concrete jungle. We reached the venue (Padang Merbok) at about 7-ish where we were required to sign up; got our numbers ready,tshirts on and we were up for that 1.8km walk accompanying the disabled ones. It was a wonderful experience, I managed to get to know a few of them, boy, how they inspired me! Their will to get on with their lives,especially those who weren't born disabled,it made me realize that our vision is such a huge gift from God but we tend to neglect it and forget to be thankful of it. All in all,the event was kickass and we ended the day with a lunch in Padang Kota, not forgetting our soggy shoes filled with mud.

27th February : Jam sesh and Guitar Class
A musician's gotta do what a musician's gotta do, in spite of it being the eve of my birthday, I still had to come to uni for band practice and to teach guitar class on behalf of Music Club, just to assist Calvin. So we did a little tweak on the songs we were to perform, before Nadzmi had to leave for work. Neo and Josh,however,joined us for the guitar class. Teaching beginner guitarists was one thing, teaching them the RIGHT thing was another.I did not really have a proper briefing,so I went on rambling about guitar tunings,of which made my lessons deemed as "too competent for beginners",so i had to tone down a little bit,teaching them more basic stuff like sitting with a guitar and reading basic tabs as well as basic plucking. Admittedly, I myself have never used my right fingers for plucking as I consider myself to be more of a 'pick person',then again,as the syllabus required,I had to somewhat improvise and master the skill on the spot.Surprisingly half the 'students' were actually better than I thought,sure buzzing noises were likely due to improper fretting of the strings,then again,their determination to learn was highly commendable. So once the guitar class ended,I headed down to the V to have dinner with Eve and the rest of the new friends I made: Eunice,Darren. All was well. Not to leave out,my pre-birthday dinner of Pizza!

Birthday Adventure:
28th February : Fever, Comida & Awesome Ribs

So yeah, the best way to turn 19,and the best gift (according to my scumbag bodily system) is by giving myself a break - or rather,forcing myself into getting some rest and drinking more water.YES,I was 19 and feverish, yippeee ! NOT.I knew that disease was coming when I started to overwork and barely had enugh sleep for the last couple of days,my body could only take so much. Then again,it was still a terrific day on account of waking up to a birthday card waiting for me on the table from mom.Managed to reply over 200 ++ birthday messages from everyone on Facebook,Twitter and even my phone, which was somewhat equivalent to a world record for someone so sickly as I was LOL. I was supposed to claim my free food coupon from a newly opened Western cuisine restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas called Comida,owned by the one and only One Buck Short considering the fact that it was my birthday. The plan changed the last minute as my sister decided to treat me and my mom to Tony Roma's in the Curve where we ironically bumped into Mooky of One Buck Short,lol. And just as the waitresses served me my birthday lava and sang me the birthday song,I saw Joanna Renisa walking outside with her hubby,Azri. In case you're wondering,she's the lead singer for Joanna & Co,a local act I happen to be a casual fan of. Talk about awesome encounters eh?Did I also mention my niece drew me a really sweet card? :3

Post-birthday Adventures:
29th February : Final Jam Sesh

I miraculously recovered from the fever just in time to jam with my bandmates. I registered for degree and became an official degree student,although classes don't commence until April. We managed a few arrangements and everything was all set for our performance. So since the day before was my birthday,I got a few awkward wishes and greetings from people who just found out when they saw Ang Yu passing me a gift. It's this 3D puzzle I took 4 hours to complete.Mind boggling,if I don't say so myself,it was tricky for the most part but it constructed patience.The following shows the untouched and aftermath of the puzzle,and yes,it's smaller than you think.Only about an inch long and 1cm high.

Everyone left as early as 4pm.So much for Josh's plan to do something crazy on the 29th eh? LOL.

3rd March : Greek Toga Night

Based on the 'pictures or it never happened' concept,I'll wait for Faiz to upload the pictures first before I write anything. (Slow poke is slow,I know,but it's understood well that he's been busy with classes and such,so I'll wait).

4th March : Gossip Girls' Day Out

It's been ages since I last recalled our outing,and it's always been an incomplete gang joining it if one were to not be available on the decided date,then again this time we planned ahead - take a month in advance.Thank god at least four people showed up including myself.So we did the usual routine gossiping while having our lunch at Uncle Lim's, and then we headed on for a little stroll while waiting for our movie to start since the ladies were looking to window shop and hunt for shoes.Funny story,the movie booking got mixed up since we had separated seats in spite of booking together. Sorry trainee employee guy, we want our money to be worth it, what's the point of going outing together if we don't get to watch the movie in the same spot? The mix-up was however solved peacefully when the manager personally went out to do so.Meanwhile, it was my time of the month and nature took its course on me, so it turned into a quest to solve that little issue I had : either by looking for a skirt to wear as what Jijie & kak Halie had suggested  or a new shirt as what Rin proposed,so that I can tie my jacket around my waist.So we finally decided to leave the problem behind and chill at Starbucks, our routine final stop. A little more gossips,and then we headed into the theater to watch Lorax. The movie's fine,imaginative and suitable for children. Amusing but not much of a message to convey. I give it a 6/10. A little more gossip session while waiting for our respective transports and then the farewells.

7th March : Outing with Hanizar + Car Park Adventure

Now this is an interesting story to highlight. It wasn't exactly Hanizar's first time coming to my uni,so she picked me up at home and came with me to my beloved Taylor's Lakeside Campus,where she had to wait for me to settle all my Music Club business with Jessie,Vincent,Deena and Neo. Our meeting started at about 2pm after I grabbed lunch with Hanizar (it was on her,woohoo) at the V, my usual place to be every Monday despite the fact that I'm not a vegetarian. So it ended at 4pm. Sunway Pyramid's parking lot was so packed that we were forced to literally drive against the legal direction flow to get a decent one. We got out of the car and then walked around. I did enjoy window shopping with her, because she doesn't usually take too long or go into unnecessary shops.Grabbed dinner in McD whilst we did a lot more catching up,and then a movie : the Woman In Black. At first I thought,meh.. an American horror movie,what could be so scary? This should be a laugh, plus it's Daniel Radcliffe, no one could possibly get the fact that he's Harry Potter out of our heads. - I was bloody wrong though. I spoke too soon,the movie was scary as fuck ! I found myself (and probably Hanizar too) covering our eyes half the time, not daring to even give a peep. It was so scary that we ended up forgetting where we parked our car. 45 minutes of exploring each and every atrium and car park floor possible later, we finally decided to consult the staff at the car park help desk to help us locate our car. She was half laughing when she found out Hanizar gave her the wrong car plate number, but we were lucky the car was found. We drove into the night, with rain above our heads (yes.. way to add in the horror movie mood). It was chaotic but fun.

11th March : Another Birthday Brunchinner

Decided to not order my usual bacon cheeseburger
My Aunt Yah makes it a point to celebrate my birthday regardless of my age, so she treated me New York Strip Steak at Chilli's and Tutti Frutti. It was indeed a brunchinner since I was so full that it was the only meal I had all day till I slept.Great to finally have gotten myself a proper capo (which cost quite a fortune) and a 500GB external HDD. I'm a happy 19-year-old :3

12th March : Gaga vs Adele

My Mondays are usually early since I joined Music Club Committee.I have to follow my brother to the uni at 7-ish in order to arrive at 8-ish in time for his classes. For 4 hours or so,I'd have to get myself occupied before anyone in campus would be free to have lunch with me.Lucky for me,that day Mahirah was free,so we grabbed a bite with Spell,Neo and Leanne. Beckofen Spaghetti carbonara with turkey ham slices of course :3 My fave! Mahirah couldn't stay long though, but we managed to jam until 1pm.So as what the outcome of the meeting was supposed to be, we went on with Gaga vs Adele theme. However, a slight miscommunication reminded us that no one booked the venue,so we had to settle down our Music Club meeting in the music room. A little packed, but it was great that quite a number of people turned up. As soon as they arrived,we did a briefing and then divided them into groups. The Elites were assigned to lead the groups whereby at least two Elites were to mentor their individual groups,be it Team Gaga or Adele. I was with Spellman and a few others.Since we're team Gaga,we decided to do Just Dance at first,then we switched to Bad Romance in spite of that minor episode.For a group of new people, my team was actually pretty good.They sang in proper key,which made it easier for me to transpose the song into a male vocalist's range.It was fun,all the rivalry, a few excellent hidden talents, we couldn't even choose a winning team since everyone went all out and did a great job; except maybe the Elites screwed up a little when we attempted the GagAdele medley.Well what did you expect out of a two-hour preparation performance? The important key was that all of us had tonnes of fun.

*EXHALE*  that was hella long post but there you go,what I've been leaving out all these while.Thanks for being such loyal readers! Keep up the support.Loveeeee and respect.