Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Serenity Above The World

ok,this time,i'm gonna be less cheesy.just that,sometimes when i'm all alone,how i wish my house had a know,the kind where you can just stay on alone,staring blankly,with no one but your can feel the wind blowing on your face,the silence..that's cool,that's really cool.for sure you'll be able to release it all without the need of talking to people who don't understand you.let nature take its cause in healing your pain and listening to you,without the need of you offering any words.just in case you guys are wondering,i have no apparent reason for this post.i have been having flashbacks from the sweet memories in Kulai where the whole choir team practised on the rooftop.i miss that moment,and how happy all of us were.

rooftop at dawn..

-wish i could live on the rooftop forever.

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