Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chemistry Between Us? that's a brilliant way to start a potential longest entry in the world.hey guys! how's it going?i have been quite busy lately,haven't been blogging in a while now.but i'll try to list down the highlights during my we go~

last wednesday,we had this little electrolysis experiment to extract copper from the electrode.obviously we had to use hydrochloric acid to obtain the optimum result.the class was divided into two,the right hand side group will be using diluted acid while lefthand side (my unlucky group) had to use concentrated,being the most curious one,i took charge of handling the acid.guess what happened?apparently miss accident-prone wasn't careful enough,so she ended up splashing a pea-sized drop of acid on her right hand.i thought it was water! but after a few minutes,my skin started to corrode bit by hurts like a bee sting! well probably's not as bad as it sounds though,it's only a few small blisters.yet,the whole class of drama queens made it sound like a big deal.the news about the spilled acid spread throughout the whole class like wildfire.but oh well,on the brightside,at least i know they love that much,haha.

also,i got a text msg from drummerboy *which made me smile the whole day,hehehe*.it was a surprise since usually his text messages contain uninteresting questions like whether tuition is gonna happen or internet-related stuff.his text this time gave me a big surprise.when i say big,i mean like REALLY BIG.he asked whether i was really skilfull enough in guitar strumming.i said 'yeah,well a bit.not too good at single note licks,why?' ' are u sure?coz i'm thinking of inviting you to jam with my band,The Sesame'..guess what i said? "i'll see to it,i consider if it so happens that i'm free"'s a standard,old-fashioned play-hard-to-get method.apparently it worked,somehow.i got him to come to my house,he he he..KIDDING! it was actually his bandmates we had this little band meeting and they succeeded in persuading me to make them as my side project,here i the official rhythm guitarist for my side project band 'The Sesame'.one irony is that there are four guys,i'm the only girl.jam session will be held at Premiere Studio,opposite Econsave near my house..can't wait!

on friday,there was this show called SHOUT!Awards organized by 8tv.everything was spectacular,the heat,the atmosphere,the crowd the passion,i mean everything! but the results and finale performance were screwed up.ultimate shout award should have gone to Pop Shuvit,not Bunkface! but oh well,majority speaks so i can't do anything about it anyway.and i didn't think Sean kingston's presence was really necessary,i mean,not to be rude,just that,this award is meant to honor local talents,why not wrap it up with a local act performance instead? haiz..~

also,i'm pretty sure all of you have already known about the manchester united asian tour?during their stop in our humble yet high-spirited country of malaysia,our local team decided to have a friendly match with them.the outcome?surprisingly malaysia had improved a lot eventhough they lost to MU by the score of 2-3.second match was held a few days later since MU is cancelling their tour to indonesia for safety purposes.the 2nd match came up with 2-0,not bad right?face it,compared to 2001 which came up with 0-6,i guess both our defeats this year were more honourable as the players doubled,or maybe tripled up their effort.oh yeah,i guess i texted JD,asking him to send my regards to Owen,haha.apparently i got the dates mixed up.they were performing a day after shout awards, embarrassing XD

then of course,i gotta wait for another weekend to come till my next fun and exciting episode.

did i mention this week's exam week?let me summarise how I did and all my predicted marks.
Tuesday: PSK - wtf man seriously i didn't read AT gonna fail,haha
BM -not bad i guess..either a1 or a2 at the least.
MM - quite easy actually,expecting an a1 ;p

wednesday : English - like i said,my english never fails to make me smile on exam days.considering its level of easiness,haha..
Addmaths- expecting either and a1,a2 or b3.questions are ok.
Agama Islam - wowwy..i got the wrong info so i read the wrong chapters!
luckily,i have my 'archery in exam' skills so i kinda
crapped a couple of stuffs.
Sejarah - never been my strong subject anyway.questions were okay.not
expecting any higher than b3 or b4.

thursday ( today)
: EST - just like english,easy-peasy lemon fizzy,haha.
Physics - not bad.probably my graph is a little screwed,haha.
chemistry - OMFG! not a soul is gonna pass i tell u! i think the teachers nowadays are trying to kill their students! am soooooo gonna fail this subject..omg omg omg...
biology - i dun take high interest in how ruminants digest their food,so..haha.but i guess this test was ok.

overall,my results might be more screwed up compared to my bloody midterm results.oh well,i need to change my attitude.NO MORE PROCRASTINATIONS,NO MORE DISTRACTIONS. next year will be my spm year,it's between lif and death people! so,kampatik for me! hehe..

more updates to come..
-saturday's jam session with drummerboy's band The Sesame
-Interact installation on Sunday.

till then,this concludes the most potential longest entry in the world.i need my name to be engraved somewhere somehow,so that people have something o remember me by.hehe..


learning reptilia by the strokes.

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