Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Beyond Rationality

click to enlarge.i can't believe i actually wrote that status the first place.i must be completely mad.even ARIANA ADNAN FROM ONE OF MY FAV BANDS,COUPLE was concern.Rock The World 9,the biggest Malaysian Music Fest,is just days's going to be my first time attending it and i just HAD to re-fall for drummerboy after timeless efforts of trying to forget him.there is indeed a 50-50 possibility that he might show up,but then again maybe not.i don't know what to believe or hold on to anymore.all these had been barging onto me like a huge wave striking a small hurts but at the same time,it teaches me more about brain is stressed out from all the thinking and trying to look for signs.where did i go wrong anyway to deserve all these?tell me why...someone..anyone?

to go or not to go.

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